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Women's Club Endowment Fund Grant

Women’s Endowment Fund Grant (WEF) Award

Department of Nursing Research Committee
CPH - Temple University

Policy and Procedure


The research committee of the Department of Nursing solicits applications for small grants to support students in implementing their DNP capstone projects. The committee reviews the applications mid-semester in the fall and spring. This money is provided yearly through the Women’s Endowment Fund. Students must submit an application packet to the research committee.

Policy and Procedures



Grant money may be used for the following:

The amount of funding cannot be specified in advance. It will vary based on the amount of funds available each year and the number of students who are approved for grants. We encourage students to submit funding proposals based on the understanding that they may be given some but possibly not all of the requested funding that is requested in the initial funding proposal.

Grant money may be used for the following (these are just some general examples, if you are unsure contact a committee member early before starting your application process):

  • Gift cards that can be provided to subjects involved in the student’s research (must be approved according to the exact stipulations in the IRB proposal)
  • Technology that is specifically and exclusively linked to the capstone project.
  • Attending a conference to present an abstract (podium or poster) of the work related to the capstone project.  Money may be used for conference fees and hotels.  Funding is contingent upon the acceptance of an abstract of the DNP capstone project by the conference organizers.

Grant money cannot be used for the following:

  • General technologic support (i.e. laptop computers)
  • General professional development or enrichment activities (i.e. attendance at a conference at which you are not presenting your capstone work, certifications, educational programs that indirectly support your competence in collecting data or implementing your project)

Funding Procedure:


  • You must meet with your chair to discuss how the grant proposal aligns with your capstone project proposal and your IRB proposal. You must ensure that the grant proposal are appropriate to the project design as well as the stipulations in the IRB proposal.
  • You must have your capstone chair sign off on the WEF Capstone Chair Review and Advisement Form. It is your responsibility to provide this form to the chair prior to meeting with them to discuss your grant application.
  • The WEF Capstone Chair Review and Advisement form and the WEF Funding Proposal form must be submitted to the research committee chair no later than November 1 for the fall semester and April 1 for the spring semester.    
  • Students will be required to give a brief oral presentation of their submitted proposal at a regularly scheduled research committee meeting.
  • If unusual circumstances arise and a student needs to revise their proposal after the research committee review meeting, the student must submit a revision of proposal request in writing to the research committee chair. The chair will decide whether to grant permission for a revision of the proposal.  If granted the chair, in consultation with the committee, will stipulate the terms of revision in writing. All revisions will be reviewed and a final decision will be made at the next subsequent research committee meeting.

Disbursement of Approved Funds:

  • It is an absolute requirement that any funds disbursed through the WEF be spent prior to the student’s formal graduation date from the university. There are no exceptions to this policy. 
  • WEF recipients must schedule an appointment with Ms. Judy Weber, Department Coordinator, within two weeks upon receipt of the awards letter.  Ms. Weber can be contacted at: Room 503 Jones Hall, 215-707-1598.
  • The student should discuss, with Ms. Weber, a specific plan for disbursement of funds including the process for submitting receipts for expenses and the process for disbursement of allocated funds.
  • After meeting with Ms. Weber the applicant must send an email summarizing what was discussed with respect to the specifics of disbursement of the funds.  This email must be sent to Ms.Weber A copy of the email should be sent to the chair of the research committee.

Approved DNRC: 5/6/13