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Nursing Resource Center

Temple University has a Nursing Resource Center (JCNRC), located in the Pharmacy Building, at the Health Sciences Campus. Room 105 will include areas for physical assessment, hospital beds, and small group learning.

Open lab hours are available each week during the semester.

Self-learning and practice:
Simulation of the clinical or hospital setting appears realistic and includes a medical-surgical environment. Static mannequins as well as full body simulators provide an opportunity for students to practice needed skills in a safe environment. Equipment, models and supplies are available for student use during open lab hours.


The JCNRC is a fully equipped smart classroom.
From our computer center, access the internet, our networked programs, other nursing and health related CDs and DVDs or use our software or other resources.

The JCNRC audiovisual library is also housed in room 105, where students can borrow items for viewing in our computer center.