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Mark Salzer, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, Temple University College of Public Health

Mark Salzer, professor and chair of the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, finds that faculty with mental health issues often do not ask for reasonable accommodations.

Russell Conwell and Mark Salzer, professor and chair of the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences within the College of Public Health at Temple, share a common goal: To give individuals opportunities to be successful.

Salzer’s research looks at how people with serious mental illnesses—which are considered disabilities according to the ADA—live in the community like everyone else. He has a particular interest in college students with mental health disabilities and what support they need to be successful in a higher education environment. Temple’s faculty, and faculty from universities across the U.S., work tirelessly to educate students and provide opportunities for them thrive. But what resources do faculty need to be successful?

Salzer’s recent research explores territory that hasn’t been sufficiently delved into before—the experiences of faculty with mental health illnesses from different colleges and universities throughout the U.S., and what accommodations and support systems are available to them.

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Posted:  October 27, 2016