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Welcome to the College of Public Health’s 2016 Year In Review—stories about the faculty, students and alumni who are powering the future of public health. We invite you to read about the work being done in the 17 disciplines across the college. Together, we are transforming lives, communities and the world.

Here’s what you’ll find in our 2016 Year In Review:

  • Researchers developing new ways to track microbial contamination of groundwater, prevent HIV transmission, detect hidden brain injury, and treat communication disorders.
  • Faculty studying the social impacts of cancer care, changing children’s views on water safety, and building inclusive communities through occupational therapy.
  • An alumna who used her social work education to start a new kind of school in Philadelphia.
  • Faculty welcomes, pioneering community-based initiatives in nursing and physical therapy, and what’s on the horizon in our educational and research facilities.

Click below to get started. Use the arrows in the bottom corners of each story to move forward or back, and use the menu in the top left corner to choose a specific story.

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Posted:  February 2, 2017