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Daniel Bang, MPH 2014: Workable Passion

Daniel Bang, Temple MPH alumnus, Temple University College of Public Health

For Daniel Bang, the journey from MPH program to career was one of transforming his ideals and passion into practical strategy.

As a research associate at a Philadelphia-based Medicaid and healthcare consulting firm, Bang conducts policy research, provides support for project management, and prepares deliverable content. “My main contribution is being a bench player for the team and buttoning things up to make sure we maintain quality in what we do,” Bang says. “Medicaid is not necessarily on people’s radar—it’s known as the most important program no one really knows about. I learn something new every day.”

Bang began focusing on Medicaid as a specialization when his faculty advisers in the Health Policy and Management concentration suggested it might be a practical avenue for focusing his longtime interest in community health and health promotion.

“I’ve always been interested in minority health, healthcare disparities, and health promotion in communities,” Bang says. “I had begun to think more about what I can realistically do in public health—fighting the good fight, but also being realistic about it and being employed. Medicaid provides healthcare services for pregnant women, elderly people… and my advisors said, ‘You know, maybe this is the best thing for you.’ They really helped me figure it out.”

He made Medicaid his focus and completed fieldwork at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. “It was truly beneficial, and Temple absolutely facilitated that for me,” he says. “As much as you learn in the classroom, the fieldwork is where you really learn how to be in the profession.”

Bang feels he also benefited from the personal relationships he was able to develop thanks to the MPH program’s size. “The faculty definitely take care of students,” Bang says. “They were able to spend time to help me shape [my passion] into something that works.”

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Posted:  October 12, 2016