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MPH Dual Degrees

The public health perspective is increasingly relevant to clinical fields, where population-based research and health behavior models assist in the application of preventive health services. Clinically trained professionals are discovering that the master of public health (MPH) degree opens new career options and enhances their mobility within their chosen fields.

Dual degrees with the MPH are available as follows. Students must meet admissions requirements for both programs. 

MSW-MPH (School of Social Work): The master of social work (MSW) and MPH dual degree prepares professionals to assess, understand, and address health-related concerns that impact the well-being of individuals, populations, and communities. Field experiences, which are integral to both programs, provide dual degree students opportunities to apply theories and skills from both professions to health-related practice and to explore a wide range of career options. MSW-MPH graduates may seek employment as administrators, policy and program planners and evaluators, counselors or clinicians, educators, or researchers.

MPH-MSHI: The master of public health and master of science in health informatics (MSHI) dual degree provides students with a broad skill set to apply information technology in health care and public health organizations and contexts. This dual degree is especially useful for students interested in developing evidence-based public health policies that are informed by data.

MPH Programs and Available Dual Degrees

The MPH in Social and Behavioral Sciences prepares students for practice-oriented careers in health promotion, health counseling and health education, with a focus on addressing the behavioral, social and cultural factors related to individual and population health, as well as public health program development, implementation and evaluation. 

  • Available dual degrees: MSW-MPH

The MPH in Health Policy and Management is designed to develop professionals in the field of public health who have a clear understanding of the health policy and management of health-related programs, as well as the associated implications for public health practice and the impact on population health outcomes.

  • Available dual degrees: MSW-MPH, MPH-MSHI