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Pre-Health Professions (Concentration)

Pre-Health Professions (Concentration)


The Department of Kinesiology offers a general studies program that includes the Kinesiology Core and an expanded Liberal Arts and Sciences base under the Pre-Health Professions Program option. This combination of course work and practical experience will position the student for continued study at the graduate level in a variety of health professions, including occupational therapy and physical therapy. The program includes the standard prerequisite courses for occupational and physical therapy; however, students are advised to check the pre-requisites for their intended graduate program and work these into their program where elective course work is afforded. Students are also advised to maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.00 (B) since entry into graduate programs in the health professions is highly competitive. A "B" or better in the specific prerequisites is required for most graduate programs.

Students in the Pre-Health Professions Program affords work closely with the Office of Pre-Professional Health Studies alongside their academic work in Kinesiology to prepare for graduate/professional school in the health professions. There exists a close relationship between kinesiology and many of the health professions listed below. Graduate programs in medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, physician assistant and chiropractic among others, look for students with a knowledge and understanding of the human body in health and in disease. Students preparing for the health professions benefit from a broad exposure to movement science, health-fitness, and the social-cultural aspects of physical activity. Kinesiologists believe that physical activity is an integral component for leading a healthy life, and that through physical activity we can better achieve optimal growth and development. The capstone independent study experience for the Pre-Health Professions Program is intended to provide the student with an opportunity to engage in an original research project which may involve actual experience in a clinical setting.


There is no secondary admissions process for the kinesiology major with concentration in pre-health professions at Temple University.


The undergraduate major in Kinesiology leads to a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree. The Pre-Health Professions concentration is a rigorous, intellectually challenging program designed to prepare students for the next phase in their training. The Department of Kinesiology requires students to complete course work in three broad areas: The University Gen Ed, the Kinesiology Core, and a professional application such as the Pre-Health Professions concentration.


The Pre-Health Professions curriculum includes coursework from the University Gen Ed, the Kinesiology Core, the Pre-Health Professions program classes, and activity courses. Students are required to complete a total of 128 credits.

The University Gen Ed includes courses in analytical reading and writing, quantitative literacy, literature, arts, human behavior, race and diversity, science & technology, US Society, and global/world societies.

The Kinesiology Core includes courses in the Introduction to Kinesiology, physiology, motor behavior, biomechanics, social psychology of human movement, and history and philosophy of human movement

The Health Professions program courses provide a diverse science base with courses in chemistry, physics, biology, statistics, independent research, psychology, and sociology.

Activity Courses are an integral part of the major, and students are expected to complete courses in fitness, lifestyle, survival, and aquatic activities.

3+3 Accelerated Pre-Baccalaureate Physical Therapy Program Option

The Temple University 3+3 Accelerated Baccalaureate Admission Option program provides outstanding students admission to the Temple University DPT program prior to the completion of an undergraduate degree. This option is only available to incoming Temple University freshmen.


A better understanding of physical activity will help future leaders in the health professions meet their client’s needs for a long, healthy, and enjoyable life.

Temple Pre-Physical Therapy Association (TPPTA)

The purpose of the Temple Pre-Physical Therapy Association is to provide a structured network of resources that will equip Pre-Physical Therapy students with information and experiences that will aid in their pursuance in attending an accredited Physical Therapy Graduate Program. This is accomplished through coordinating interactive group activities, promoting participation in various community service events, providing guest speakers, hosting informational workshops, and many other valuable learning opportunities. Officers must be current Temple University ATP undergraduate or graduate students. Current students who are interested in joining TPPTA, please review Owl Connect.