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Kinesiology Physical Activity Program (Physical Activity Courses)

The Department of Kinesiology’s Physical Activity Program (KPAP) is a university wide program offering physical activity experiences in four different “Forms of Movement” (Aquatics, Fitness, Lifestyle, Survival) Students, staff, and faculty from all across the university can enroll in any of these classes to enrich their lives. Through the joys of physical activity participants can acquire numerous health and cognitive benefits while earning academic credit. 

Through a multi-physical activity approach, students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to explore human movement and its impact on health, society, and quality of life. KPAP recognizes that quality program delivery relies on teams of dedicated professionals working together to promote the knowledge, concepts, and safe practices found in KPAP courses. Courses are offered on the Main, Health Sciences, and Ambler campuses. Currently, KPAP educates more than 2,000 students each semester by offering nearly 70 sections of approximately 20 distinct physical activity offerings. Students, staff, and faculty from all across the university have the option of taking Physical Activity Workshops in Aquatics, Fitness, Lifestyle, and Survival courses, which are the “Forms of Movement” that meet for half a semester and carry a 1-credit load. Department of Kinesiology students are required to take four experiences in the KPAP before graduation, and must accrue one experience in each of the four different Forms of Movement. 

All students, staff, and faculty from across the university have the option of taking Kinesiology Physical Activity Courses (KPAC), which meet for a full semester and carry a 2 to 3-credit load or Physical Activity Workshops (Aquatics, Fitness, Lifestyle, Survival), which meet for half a semester and carry a 1-credit load. Participants should consult a Department of Kinesiology Academic Advisor to determine which Form of Movement experience is fulfilled by their KPAC. Physical activity is a key to life and the Department of Kinesiology encourages all communities to “Get Moving."

Kinesiology Physical Activity Courses (KPAC)





Lifeguard Training

Cardiovascular Fitness

Badminton I

Adventure Climbing

Scuba Diving

Fitness for Life

Golf I

Aikido I & II

Swimming for the Non-Swimmer

Weight Training I 

Gymnastics I

Martial Arts: Capoeira

Swimming I & II

Weight Training II

Tennis I

Backpacking  & Camping

Water Safety Instructor


Volleyball I

Fencing I

 Water Aerobics


Yoga I

Karate I & II




Personal Defense-Women




Tae Kwon Do I