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Application Process

If you are a current Temple student: Please submit an application via the CPH Undergraduate Application. The application can be scanned and emailed.

If you are a Transfer student: Submit a Temple University application only Banner.

Applications are due AND MUST BE COMPLETE by February 15th.

Temple core courses and the HIM prerequisites may be taken in the fall, spring or summer semesters.

The following courses are required before admission to the program.

  • Kinesiology 1223 and 1224 or 1221 and 1222
  • Medical Terminology (HIM 1001 must be within 5 years)
  • CIS 1055 or competency test (must be within 3 years)
  • Statistics - Math 1013 or Soc 1167 (Must be within 5 years)
  • HIM 2203 U.S. Healthcare System
  • HIM 2215 IT Fundamentals