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Research is a pillar of our mission in the Department of Health Services Administration and Policy (HSAP). The research emphases of our faculty include:

  • Development of health policies affecting areas such as tobacco use, mental health, substance abuse, violence, and obesity
  • Community health, prevention, and emergency preparedness
  • Disparities, access to care, and social determinants of health
  • Global healthcare management and leadership
  • Impacts of health information technologies
  • Patient experience/quality of care, population health, and healthcare costs and financing (i.e., the Triple Aim).

Research Programs with HSAP Faculty Affiliations

Research News

William Aaronson chaired the Global Health Symposium Maximizing Health Management & Policy Education through Inclusion and Innovation: A Global Perspective, a preconference symposium of the Annual Meeting of the Association of University Programs in Health Administration, Long Beach, California, June 2017.

On November 28, Thomas Martin presented at the University of Delaware 2017 Symposium on Smart Cities & Sustainable Energy. The title of his presentation is The Republic of Digital Health: How Democratic Use of Data is Revolutionizing Healthcare.

Margaret Foley received an award from the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide Inpatient and Outpatient Coder Training in Nov-Dec 2017. 

The Temple University College of Public Health 2017 Year in Review included a collaboration between Michael Halpern, Christen Rexing, and Marsha Crawford (Social Work) and PHMC to evaluate a program to reduce opioid abuse among individuals with chronic pain receiving care at a Philadelphia Community Health Center. This is available at https://templecph.atavist.com/2017-our-year-in-review#chapter-3352734.

Stuart Fine presented Temple University Hospital – Differentiation, Outcomes, Transparency and Value-Based Insurance Design in Surgical Grand Rounds (ENT) on Jan. 17 and Surgical Grand Rounds (General Surgery) on Feb. 14. 

On Jan. 25, Margaret Foley co-presented a webinar sponsored by the American Health Information Management Association titled ICD-10-PCS Coding: It’s All About the Intent of the Procedure (information available at https://my.ahima.org/pages/store/productdetail.aspx?id=64840). The objectives of this webinar were to:

  • Learn how to recognize the intent of the surgical procedure versus how it was performed
  • Review procedure guidelines and Coding Clinic(R) advice as related to each example
  • Develop critical thinking skills by taking a deeper dive into operative reports
  • Develop confidence in assigning ICD-10-PCS codes
  • Understand how ICD-10-PCS codes are assigned and why a given root operations is assigned
  • Improved data quality for reporting purposes
  • Enhanced quality control of coded data and educational efforts

A study by Michael Halpern on neighborhood factors associated with obesity was highlighted on the College of Public Health website in Jan. 2018 – see https://cph.temple.edu/news/new-study-may-change-dialogue-surrounding-obesity

On February 2, Michael Halpern presented two research studies at the annual Americas Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ACTRIMS) Forum 2018 in San Diego. Interviews with Dr. Halpern on these studies are available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVjTMo8EBMA and https://www.mdedge.com/clinicalneurologynews/article/158125/multiple-sclerosis/video-advanced-practice-providers-take-many.

Stuart Fine gave the Leland M. White Memorial Lecture on Innovation and Healthcare Policy at the Healthcare Leadership Network of the Delaware Valley (ACHE Regional Affiliate) on Feb. 15. 

Recent Publications and Presentations

Sharan AD, Aaronson WE. The Beginning of Trumpcare. Clin Spine Surg. 2017 Feb;30(1):30-31

Pilyavsky A, Aaronson W, Černohorská L. (2017). Comparative analysis of the total factor of productivity changes for banks of Visegrad group for the period 2009-2013. Presented at and published in Proceedings of the 11th Aleksander Zelias International Conference on Modeling and Forecasting of Socio-Economic Phenomena, Zakopane, Poland, May 2017.

Černohorská, L, Pilyavskyy A, Aaronson W. (2017). Comparative performance of the Visegrad group banks for the period 2009-2013. E+M Ekonomie a Management, Vol. 20 (2), pp 175-187. http://dx.doi.org/10.15240/tul/001/2017-2-013.

Martin T, Malec B. 2017 Survey of HIT Education: Reflections on Innovative Pedagogy. Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA) 2017 Annual Event. June 2017.

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Halpern MT, Minden SL, Machado HT.  Differences in MS Care by Practice Site.  Presented at the Americas Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ACTRIMS) Forum, San Diego CA, Feb. 2018.

Halpern M, Kane H, Rabre A, McIntosh C. The Advanced Practice Provider Workforce for MS Patient Care. Presented at the Americas Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ACTRIMS) Forum, San Diego CA, Feb. 2018.