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Health Policy (PhD)

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Health Policy program provides advanced training in theory, research, and practice in health policy, emphasizing health services, economics, and outcomes research as well as healthcare administration and leadership.  Supported by a faculty renowned for their public health research and expertise, the health policy PhD program provides interdisciplinary training and experiences.  Students graduate from this program as researchers and policy makers who can help address critical issues in health care and public health. The curriculum for the program is available at View Curriculum.

Students in the program work closely with faculty members to explore key public health issues such as improving the quality and outcomes of health care services; examining health care costs; addressing health disparities; and developing policy initiatives targeting areas of population health including substance use, mental health, violence/injury prevention, risk behaviors, aging, and chronic disease.   Students have unique opportunities to improve community health and reduce public health disparities in one of the largest urban setting in the U.S. Many doctoral students collaborate with community-based and health care delivery organizations in Philadelphia while they conduct research projects for their dissertations. The in-person format of the health policy program allows you to work closely with faculty and fellow students to collaborate on research studies, meet potential mentors and collaborators, develop collegial bonds, and prepare for your future health policy career.

The program trains students in developing, evaluating, and implementing health policy at multiple levels (local, state, national, global) and in both private and public institutional settings. After completing the program, most PhD graduates enter health policy research and teaching positions in colleges and universities or work for a wide variety of organizations including health foundations, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and public health departments. The Health Policy PhD program is fully accredited by the Council on Education in Public Health (CEPH).

Potential Program Mentors

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