Health Services Administration and Policy

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Health Policy (PhD)

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Health Policy program provides advanced training in theory, research and practice related to health policy. The program is unique in that it provides students with both an opportunity to develop technical expertise in environmental health sciences and an understanding of policy making. The program trains students in developing, evaluating, and implementing health policy at multiple levels (local, state, national, global) and in both private and public institutional settings. Students may choose to focus on environmental health, with its emphasis on environmental policy, work policy, and sustainable development.  Alternately, they may focus on health policy, with its emphasis on health administration and organizational or health politics.  View Curriculum.
Supported by a faculty world-renowned for their public health research, the Ph.D. program provides training and experiences that support interdisciplinary learning, promote critical and theory-based, problem-solving skills to address public health problems, and fosters the development of public health professional values and ethics.