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Epidemiology (PhD)

The dynamic and quantitatively oriented doctoral program in epidemiology provides advanced training in epidemiologic and biologic methods. The program develops strong academic researchers in the field of epidemiology with a clear understanding of the patterns, causes, and effects of diseases in the population who are well-prepared to design, implement, analyze, and interpret research studies investigating key epidemiologic questions with the ultimate goal of improving overall population health. View Curriculum.

Working closely with faculty in the department, students gain expertise in collecting data, designing instruments and research protocols, directing and conducting sophisticated and multilevel statistical analyses, interpreting data, and communicating research findings to both lay and professional audiences. 

All students in the PhD in Epidemiology program complete common core public health course requirements, which include foundational courses in Bioethics, Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and History of Public Health. Beyond these core courses, students master specialized courses in advanced epidemiologic and biostatistical methods and engage in research and scholarly productivity with faculty members in the department and throughout the college.  

Potential Program Mentors

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