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Clinical Research and Translational Medicine (MS)

The unique Master of Science (MS) program in Clinical Research and Translational Medicine, offered collaboratively by Temple University College of Public Health and the School of Medicine, prepares students to conduct clinical research in a variety of settings, giving them a greater depth of understanding of the associated scientific, ethical, and regulatory issues.

This full-time program provides detailed training in how to conduct clinical research and the complex scientific, ethical, and regulatory issues associated with such research. With today's increased need for high-quality clinical research, the program helps translate basic research findings into real world, evidence-based clinical practices. View Curriculum.

Taking courses in the College of Public Health, the School of Medicine, and other departments within the University help to broaden the student's experience and skills, leading to a diverse array of careers, including as college/university faculty members or researchers or holding research-related positions in a wide range of organizations.

Fields include health systems, hospitals and clinics, public health departments, and public health and other healthcare and human service agencies.  Graduates also work in pharmaceutical companies, non-profit and for-profit corporations, foundations, and consulting firms that focus on interdisciplinary and translational research.