The main objective of the Pediatric, Environmental Health and Development Studies (PEDS) Lab is to better understand the role of environmental exposures in early life and to ultimately reduce childhood disease in relation to these exposures. The specific goals of this lab are to: 

  1. Understand gestational and pediatric environmental exposure pathways and determine susceptibility factors of exposure
  2. Examine the biologic mechanisms by which gestational and pediatric exposure impedes appropriate immune system development
  3. Estimate the association between these exposures and clinical endpoints related to immune dysfunction in childhood
  4. Study the impact of these exposures on a broader focus of reproductive and perinatal endpoints which ultimately effect pediatric development
  5. Determine social determinants and health inequities related to these environmental exposures and associated disease risks

This lab includes multidisciplinary collaborations with faculty within the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, the Lewis Katz School of Medicine, and across other universities.


Marina Oktapodas Feiler

Research Assistant Professor
Epidemiology and Biostatistics
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