The COVID-19 pandemic highlights, as never before, the importance of public health and the relevance of our work. At the College of Public Health, we understand that health is about more than just a disease; it involves your environment, your state of mind, and your behaviors. In this series, our faculty experts join alumni working on the front lines in healthcare, social services, and other organizations to discuss COVID-19 beyond the symptomshow it impacts health socially, emotionally, mentally, and physically. 

Though this series, we hope to create a community of meaningful dialogue. We encourage you to submit questions, comments or thoughts either before or in follow-up to session topics that interest you. Our experts will do their best to address as many questions as possible throughout the series. Submit a question or share general feedback here.

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Conversation with Regional Healthcare Leaders: How the COVID-19 pandemic has changed healthcare delivery and the patient experience

hospital waiting room

Wednesday, June 10
1 p.m.

Join the session on June 10

As the healthcare industry adapts to COVID-19 as part of its new normal, medical experts have a slate of patient experience lessons to take with them. Moderated by Laura A. Siminoff, PhD, dean and Laura H. Carnell Professor of Public Health with panelists:

  • Ravi Rajan, MD, board-certified urologist and member of the College of Public Health’s Board of Visitors.
  • James Nathan Palmer, MD, professor of otorhinolaryngology: head and neck surgery at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Palmar is also the director of the division of rhinology and co-director of the Cranial Base Center.
  • Jennifer Rajan, MD, FAAD, board-certified dermatologist specializing in all skin conditions, skin cancer diagnosis and treatment, and cosmetic procedures.
  • Leonard M. Malamud, D.O., is the director for the Division of Family Practice at Jefferson Health—Northeast.

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The College of Public Health is grateful to and proud of our alumni serving on the front lines of this pandemic, and it is our hope that each member of the Temple community and their families remains healthy and safe. To support the College of Public Health—our students, faculty or research—please visit our secure giving page or contact Natasha de Luna, chief development officer, at 215-694-9964 or