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Office of Practice & Engagement

Office of Practice & Engagement

The Office of Practice and Engagement sponsors continuing education opportunities, facilitates access to researchers and students for partnered research and assess projects, and continually seeks ways to support our practice partners. Here is more information on each:

I want to engage a student intern.

All CPH programs incorporate varied field-based learning opportunities to enhance overall preparation and to take full advantage of the rich and diverse service delivery systems within our region and beyond.  CPH students are expected to be fully engaged in learning beyond classrooms and laboratories.  Our network of practice sites includes top-rated hospitals and rehabilitation centers, wellness clinics, state and federal government agencies, public and private schools, community health agencies, research centers, and private practice offices. This table shows different field work opportunities.

I need help with a research project.

College of Public Health (CPH) researchers are committed to putting theory into practice.  And, there is no better place for that than in our work with community partners. CPH researchers have worked in concert with nonprofit organizations to solve long term health problems faced by cancer survivors; prevent obesity; encourage tobacco and smoking cessation; and study the health of our community water. Research studies occur locally and internationally and across diverse populations, but a common core is the commitment to community engaged and community informed research.

I need help with program evaluation.

CPH faculty have a long history of working with nonprofit organizations to evaluate the success of their programs. CPH faculty and advanced graduate students are often available to assist with staff training projects or program evaluations. Usually, these services are provided for a fee and there are many ways to contract for services. Additionally, graduate students can be available to conduct needs assessments or evaluations as part of their degree program requirements. 

I am interested in training and educational opportunities.

Thinking about advancing your career with a new degree? CPH offers a wide range of graduate and undergraduate programs in the health professions.

The College of Public Health is a provider of Continuing Education Units (CEU) in a number of fields:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Athletic Training
  • Social Work
  • Nursing

Many departmental and college-sponsored events carry CEUs. We can also partner with you as you are planning your event so that you can provide CEUs.

I need help with an event my organization is planning.

CPH can assist with community events, such as health fairs and symposiums. Some services can be provided directly through our academic programs: hearing screenings, blood pressure monitoring, healthy eating demonstrations, GED education, to name a few. We also can help connect your organization to other groups who do HIV testing, dental education, and information about health care plans.