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Communication Sciences and Disorders (Minor)

The minor in Communication Sciences and Disorders is intended for students who are majors outside of Communication Sciences and wish to enhance their undergraduate education by learning about speech and language, both normal and disordered. Eighteen credits in Communication Sciences are required. By taking this minor, students can fulfill some of the pre-requisite courses to graduate study in Speech/Language Pathology at Temple. (These are Phonetics, Phonology, Grammatical Analysis, Language Processing, and Speech and Language Development.) This minor is likely to be especially valuable for those undergraduates who are majoring in Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, Education, Foreign Language, Electrical Engineering, and Allied Health areas. View Curriculum

Students pursuing a minor in Communication Sciences and Disorders must meet the following requirements: A minimum grade of C in each course, 3.0 overall GPA for courses in the minor.

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Send a letter of intent to minor to Undergraduate Program Director, Dr. Rena Krakow (rkrakow@temple.edu), and she will arrange for the appropriate advising.