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MA Speech-Language-Hearing Admissions

The MA in Speech Language Hearing requires successful completion of 54-59 semester hours at the graduate level with 39 semester hours of academic courses (36 required; 3 elective) and 15-20 semester hours of clinical coursework to complete a minimum of 375 hours of supervised clinical practicum. All graduate coursework and clinical practicum required in the professional area for which the Certificate is sought must have been initiated and completed at an institution whose program is accredited by the CAA in the area for which the Certificate is sought.

The graduate program should be completed in 2 calendar years, which includes 2 academic years and the summers that follow them. The specific Advanced clinical courses will vary according to needs of the student and the Temple University Speech Language Hearing Center (TUSLHC).

Applying to this program

  • Deadline: February 1
  • CSDCAS: Required
  • Temple University Supplemental Application: Required
  • GRE: Required
  • College Level Transcripts: Required
  • References:  Required; two, professional/academic
  • Resume: Not required
  • Statement of Goals: Required
  • Interview: Not required
  • Additional Information: Writing sample 

Program Prerequisites 

The following are Undergraduate courses which serve as pre-requisite course requirements for required Graduate level courses in the program.  Students must have a passing grade of B- or better in these or equivalent courses from an accredited Communication Sciences & Disorders (CSD) program to register for the graduate level course for which they are a pre-requisite.  Students are not required to complete the pre-requisite courses as a condition of admission to the MA SLH program. Pre-requisite courses can be taken at Temple University after matriculation into the program but this will add extra credits and semesters to the students' individual program.  Students with a baccalaureate degree in another major who must take all pre-requisite courses will need to take 32 sh and full Fall and Spring semesters to complete the program. 

  • CSCD 2201 Research Methods in Communication
  • CSCD2209 Phonetics & Phonology
  • CSCD 2219 Psycholinguistics
  • CSCD 3233 Speech Science
  • CSCD 3234 Hearing Science
  • CSCD 3235 Human Neuroscience
  • CSCD 3301 Speech & Language Development
  • CSCD 4301 Principles of Audiology
  • CSCD 4396 Clinical Management

Other Information