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MA Speech-Language-Hearing Admissions

The MA in Speech Language Hearing requires successful completion of 54-59 semester hours at the graduate level with 39 semester hours of academic courses (36 required; 3 elective) and 15-20 semester hours of clinical coursework to complete a minimum of 375 hours of supervised clinical practicum. All graduate coursework and clinical practicum required in the professional area for which the Certificate is sought must have been initiated and completed at an institution whose program is accredited by the CAA in the area for which the Certificate is sought.

The graduate program should be completed in 2 calendar years, which includes 2 academic years and the summers that follow them. The specific Advanced clinical courses will vary according to needs of the student and the Temple University Speech Language Hearing Center (TUSLHC).

Applying to this program

Other Information 

  • Health screenings and background clearances: Prospective students should note that they are seeking enrollment in a program that prepares individuals to enter a profession that routinely require health screenings and background clearances.  Fieldwork agencies typically require a variety of background checks including criminal background check, child abuse clearance, and fingerprinting.  Prospective students are encouraged to retrieve background and health clearances as soon as possible to ensure that nothing in their background would prevent them from pursuing a chosen career.  Additionally, the sooner admitted students gather such information the less likely they will experience problems or delays in their placements and time to degree.
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