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Research on Street-Based Sex Work and Other Vulnerable Populations

2:00pm - 4:00pm

The Department of Criminal Justice and the School of Social Work are co-sponsoring a roundtable about research ethics on street-based sex work and with populations who themselves are generally excluded from weighing in on areas that impact them. The discussion will focus on the connection between research and policymaking and its potential for both benefit and harm, the appropriate role for researchers, students, and academics, and how to meaningfully include sex worker and activist voices in research. This discussion is relevant to research with other vulnerable populations and we will also discuss intersectionality as an important feature of research about street-based sex work.

The panel discussion will be followed by an open Question and Answer session. Students and faculty are welcome.

Panel members: Corey Shdaimah, co-editor and Associate Professor at the University of Maryland Baltimore, Chrysanthi Leon, co-editor and Associate Professor at the University of Delaware, and Linda Muraresku, chapter author. 

Location: Tech Center, Room 111