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Social Work Researcher Awarded $4.8 Million Grant to Fund Responsible Fatherhood Network

Jay Fagan Social Work Researcher from Temple University

Jay Fagan, PhD., a professor in the School of Social Work, was recently awarded a 5-year, $4.8 million grant funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services - Agency for Children and Families, to oversee the development of the Temple University Responsible Fatherhood Research Network.  He will serve as principal investigator and co-director of the project.

The primary goals of the Network are to:

  • Promote rigorous evaluation of responsible fatherhood programs nationwide;
  • Provide training to researchers and practitioners to conduct better quality evaluations; and
  • Disseminate information that leads to e­ffective fatherhood practice and research.

The Network will increase knowledge about:

  • Effective parenting
  • Economic stability
  • Parent-child contact
  • Co-parenting
  • Healthy relationships

The Network is national in scope and will be developed over five years. The Network will:

  • Engage leading researchers and practitioners to identify research gaps in responsible fatherhood.
  • Solicit proposals from researcher-practitioner teams to conduct rigorous evaluation that addresses gaps identified in the responsible fatherhood research field.
Posted:  December 10, 2013