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Therapeutic Recreation student wins Diamond Ambassador Scholarship Award

Every year, the Diamond Ambassador Scholarship helps a handful of exceptional students at Temple University achieve what is, for many, a lifelong dream of studying abroad. Lauren Frabizzio, a sophomore in Temple’s Therapeutic Recreation program, was one of the students chosen this year to receive the $2,500 scholarship, which is awarded to 25 students with financial need and strong academic records.

“Lauren is really committed to the growth of others as well as her own personal growth,” says Nannette Vliet, Ed.M., CTRS, a clinical instructor and undergraduate coordinator who was Lauren’s faculty mentor during the application process. “She takes every experience and learns from it.”

Lauren plans to spend six weeks at Temple’s campus in Rome during the summer of 2013. With friends and family in Italy, this won’t be her first trip to Rome, but she is looking forward to seeing more of the city and traveling to nearby countries while she is in Europe. She hopes to absorb as much of the culture as possible.

“I would like to pick up more of the Italian language,” she says; and she intends to branch out from her major by taking an art history class while in Rome.

Lauren has always known that she wanted to study abroad. “It was a major part of the college decision,” she says, and Temple proved abundant with international opportunities. Besides its campuses in Rome and Japan, Temple has programs around the world in countries including - but not limited to - Brazil, India, Spain, and France. Diamond Ambassador Scholars can use the grant to attend these or any other university-approved study abroad programs.

For many students, the appeal of spending a semester abroad goes beyond the thrill of traveling. “I’m excited to have the opportunity to experience being a college student in a different country,” says Lauren. Study abroad programs give students rich cultural exposure that they might not experience as short-term visitors or tourists.

With the help of the Diamond Ambassador Scholarship, Lauren’s hard work will take her to the other side of the world for six unforgettable weeks. Waiting for next summer, she says, is “the only hard part about it!”