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Rehab Sciences - TR incorporates iPad use in program

Last summer, the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences acquired ten second-generation iPads for use in the classroom and beyond.

Throughout the fall semester, its Therapeutic Recreation program has been developing an iPad program to incorporate within its existing curriculum. Their goal is to help recreation therapists set the standard for using iPad technology within treatment interventions.

The TR students have been learning how to repurpose apps meant for entertainment into therapy tools.

For example, students in the Clinical Procedures class are using the iPads to create “low stress manuals” using footage taken during an Aphasia group that is held weekly on campus. In addition, students in the Teaching Health Promotion through Leisure Education course are using the iPads to create leisure education lesson plans, utilizing the iPad as an interactive facilitation tool.

While the students are busy getting their creative juices flowing, the TR faculty are designing a resource tool for practitioners for the use of iPads in practice. The hope is to provide a space not only for sharing evaluations of apps, but also for discussion of success stories on how TR practitioners are using iPad technology with various populations, and inquiries on how to apply iPad technology for specific situations.