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Nursing looks globally to expand its reach

A CPH undergraduate nursing student recently completed a paper that highlights the efforts of Temple's nursing program to address demands of globalization and its impact on nursing practice around the world.

“Nursing education is ever evolving and encompasses a wide range of educational elements including physical, social, emotional, cultural, and psychological issues," writes BSN student Christine R. Reber in the paper discussing Temple’s global nursing initiatives. "But not only does globalization education provide students with cultural competence; it promotes continuity in healthcare across the world."

Reber cited CPH faculty and students and their efforts developing nursing curriculum and global outreach.

According to Rhonda Maneval, DEd, MSN, RN, Associate Chair for Undergraduate Nursing Education at CPH, the goal of the nursing curriculum is to “develop, in students, a global mindset in providing health care to at-risk populations and becoming advocates for improved health care services internationally.

Reber details the experiences of several CPH students and faculty that have explored nursing globally. Senior nursing students Emma Bracken and Laurel Dertouzos spent six weeks in Kenya during the summer of 2012, first working in a maternity clinic and then traveling to offer pre- and postnatal services.

Nursing Assistant Professor Eleana Shipman, MSN, RN visited Cameroon that same summer to begin to establish faculty exchange program. While there, she provided medical outreach and education, helped to dispense medication, and taught a few classes at the Bafoussam School of Nursing.

All information and quotes are provided within the article Globalization and Nursing Education, written by BSN student Christine R. Reber and available to download here.