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New wireless computer classroom opens on Health Science Campus

With the opening of its new computer lab on the Health Science Campus in late spring, CPH is now home to Temple's first purely wireless classroom. 

This enhanced learning environment will help prepare future practitioners to work with the technology that has become an increasingly important component of their disciplines.

While computer labs are commonly organized so that all students must face the front of the room, the new classroom utilizes netbooks that can be unplugged from their chargers for maximum mobility.

Wireless Internet eliminates the limitations presented by Ethernet cables, and the tables, which HIM students (key users of the new classroom) helped to design, are also easily movable.

“This facilitates students to be able to reconfigure the room to collaborate better,” said Cindy Joy Marselis, MBA, MS, RHIA, interim chair of the HIM Department..

HIM is a technology-intensive field, and it is important to create a classroom environment which prepares students for that, she added. The netbooks expose them to computer software that is used by health information professionals, such as Oracle, a data management program, and Cerner Millennium, a suite of programs used with electronic health records.

Other technology featured in the new lab includes Class Capture, which instructors can use to record their lectures and post them to Blackboard, and a SMART Board, an electronic screen that can be written on like a blackboard but will save notes and images on a computer.