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Communication Sciences - College of Education collaboration

Carol Scheffner Hammer, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, professor and chair of the Communication Sciences and Disorders Department and Barbara A. Wasik, Ph.D., professor and chair in Early Childhood Education Department of the College of Education received a $4 million Investing in Innovation grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

This grant is one of only 23 selected from a pool of nearly 600 applications.  The four-year project, titled “Exceptional Coaching for Early Language and Literacy-Enhanced (ExCELL-E): Refining an Effective, Research-based Teacher Professional Development Model”, will train preschool, kindergarten, and first grade teachers to use effective language and literacy strategies and will promote the reading and academic outcomes of young children who are native English speakers and English language learners that come from low-income homes.  The grant is led by Dr. Hammer, and Dr. Wasik and along with Annemarie Hindman, Ph.D., assistant professor in Early Childhood education in the College of Education and Brook Sawyer, Ph.D.,  research associate in  CPH's Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders.

Rehabilitation Sciences

Two faculty members from Temple’s Department of Rehabilitation Sciences have been awarded a $100,000 grant from the PA Developmental Disabilities Council (PADDC) to investigate the needs of people with developmental disabilities during the transition to middle and later adulthood. Pei-Chun Hsieh, Ph.D., CTRS, an associate professor in the Therapeutic Recreation program, will be working with Celia Feinstein from the Institute on Disabilities as co-PIs on this 18-month project. Kathy Coyle, Ph.D., CTRS also a Therapeutic Recreation professor, has been a mentor during the proposal stage and will continue her involvement as a co-investigator. This study will explore transitional needs from multiple perspectives, and results will guide recommendations to PADDC to promote the development of best practices.

Public Health

Alice Hausman, Ph.D., chair of the Center for Preparedness Research, Education and Practice, was awarded funding as the external evaluator for a project titled “Improving Intervention Services for Violently Injured Victims”. She will receive $60,000 per year for three years from the Department of Justice by way of Drexel University.

Communication Sciences and Disorders

Carol Scheffner Hammer, Ph.D., professor and chair in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, received a grant to study factors that affect children’s language development and school readiness. Results from the study, titled “Risk Factors and Services for Vocabulary Delays in Early Childhood: Population-based Estimates”, will advise future intervention programs aimed at improving school readiness and early language development. Dr. Hammer is collaborating with Dr. Paul Morgan and Dr. Marianne Hillemeier at Penn State and Dr. George Farkas at UC-Irvine.