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Center for Asian Health welcomes public health administrators from China

On March 14, Drs. Grace X. Ma and Yin Tan of Temple University’s Center for Asian Health hosted two public health administrators from Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China, Dr. Yajia Lan and Ms. Yunfang Chen.

Dr. Lan is a professor in the School of Public Health and the Chair of the Department of Environmental Health at Sichuan University. Ms. Yunfang Chen is Director of the Women’s Health Center at Chengdu’s local Center of Disease Control.

Grace X. Ma, PhD, is a professor in Temple’s Department of Public Health and Founder-Director for the Center for Asian Health; and Yin Tan, MD, MPH, MSOH, is CAH’s Senior Research Manager.

[PHOTO: From left: Dr. Yajia Lan, Ms. Yunfang Chen, Dr. Grace Ma, Dr. Yin Tan]

Since its establishment in 2000,  the Center for Asian Health has become a focal point for academics, junior researchers and Chinese government officials who are interested in research and global health.

Dr. Lan was a Center post-doctoral fellow from 2002 to 2003, and he and Dr. Ma built a long-term collaborative relationship between the Center for Asian Health at Temple and the School of Public Health at Sichuan University.

Following a tour of the Center facilities and a video presentation titled “10 Years, Then and Now: Center for Asian Health”, Dr. Ma briefed the visitors on current Center research and training programs as well as future direction. Dr. Lan was highly impressed by the complexity of the Center programs and the range and extent of the Center research accomplishments since his post-doctoral experience 9 years ago.

The host and visitors then discussed potential areas for collaboration, including tobacco control, visiting scholar training, and the “4+2” BA/MPH program between Dept. of Public Health, Temple University and School of Public Health, Sichuan University, China. For more information, contact Dr. Grace Ma at grace.ma@temple.edu or visit www.temple.edu/cah.