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Awards and grants

Mark Weir, PhD, Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Health, has received a Science to Achieve Results grant from the Environmental Protection Agency. The $1 million EPA-STAR grant will fund a four-year partnership between CPH's Departments of Public Health, Earth and Temple's Environmental Science, and Environmental Engineering and its Center for Sustainable Communities.

The project aims to evaluate the technological capacity and potential for improvement of water management in Philadelphia and the policy implications of these findings.  Dr. Weir will begin by leading a Public Health research group to model health effects and financial impacts of green infrastructure.

Katherine W. Bauer, PhD, MS, Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Health, was awarded the 2012-2013 CPH Research Seed Grant. In collaboration with Adam Davey, PhD, Professor of Public Health, Jay Fagan, PhD, Professor of Social Work, and Gary Foster, PhD, Director of Temple’s Center for Obesity Research and Education and Professor at the School of Medicine, Dr. Bauer will conduct the study "Identifying the Impact of Maternal Dieting and Weight Loss on Children: A Randomized Trial."

While numerous studies have identified the importance of mothers' behaviors to the development of healthful eating and physical activity habits in children, this study will be one of the first to examine whether mothers' efforts to improve their own nutrition and physical activity through participation in a weight loss program have a positive effect on their pre-adolescent and adolescent-aged children. Starting this summer, 66 mother/child pairs will be recruited, and mothers will be assigned to participate in a 12-week weight loss program beginning in either the fall or winter. Information will be collected from mothers and their children to track changes in children's weight, dietary intake, physical activity, and weight control intentions, and opportunities for healthy behavior in the home as mothers participate in the weight loss program.

Uma Nair, PhD, a research associate at CPH’s Department of Public Health's  Health Behavior Research Clinic, received a junior scientist mentored research award from the American Heart Association. The $154,000 award will fund her two-year project entitled “Physical activity to reduce smoking cue reactivity among smokers preparing to quit smoking.” Associate Professors of Public Health Brad Collins, PhD, and Freda Patterson, PhD, MSHEd, are co-PIs for this project, and Dr. Collins is the mentor.

A team of multidisciplinary researchers in Temple’s Department of Public Health and School of Tourism and Hospitality Management received a $30,000 Kynett Foundation research grant for their collaboration with the Gearing Up Foundation. Gearing Up is a local nonprofit whose mission is to address substance dependence and other health issues among underserved women in Philadelphia through bicycle riding. Public Health researchers Brad Collins, PhD (PI) and Uma Nair, PhD will be working with researchers Jeremy Jordan, PhD and Daniel Funk, PhD from Temple’s School of Tourism and Hospitality Management to improve the physical activity of female inmates. This project will serve as a pilot study for larger physical activity and substance dependence intervention studies in partnership with Gearing Up.

Lindsay McGuire, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Kinesiology, was recently awarded the 2013-2014 Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers Society Research Grant for her proposal “Temporal Changes in Depression and Neurocognitive Performance in Male and Female NCAA Student-Athletes: A Longitudinal Evaluation Pre- and Post-Concussion Injury.” She will use this $5,000 grant to support her dissertation work this coming year.

Michael L. Sachs, PhD, CC-AASP, professor in CPH’s Department of Kinesiology, received a grant for his collaboration with School of Tourism and Hospitality Management student, Mikihiro Sato, and professor, Jeremy Jordan, PhD. Their proposal, "How Physically Active Leisure Promotes Quality of Life: Event Participation, Psychological Involvement, and Personal Resources,” was accepted for a $1,500 seed grant from Temple University’s Fox School of Business/STHM as part of the Spring 2013 Interdisciplinary Young Scholars Forum. Their project will examine quality of life and participation in mass participant sporting events, such as marathons.

Tiffiny Butler, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Kinesiology’s Integrative Exercise Physiology program, received a Basic Science Research Award for her work entitled "Food Restriction Post Puberty is Positive for Bone Structure Long Term." This $250 award is granted by the Bone and Osteoporosis Network Exchange (BONE) Interest Group of the American College of Sports Medicine.