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Explore Our 2017 Year in Review

The past year has challenged us like few others in recent memory. In the face of proliferating threats to our collective well-being—from the opioid and obesity epidemics to unprecedented natural disasters—many of the most innovative solutions are emerging from our institutions of public health research and education.

Our digital Year In Review magazine includes top stories from across the Temple University College of Public Health in the past year:

Posted:  January 17, 2018

New study may change dialogue surrounding obesity

There’s some controversy over whether fighting obesity should begin with the person or the place where he or she lives. In a new study, lead investigator Michael Halpern, associate professor in the Department of Health Services Administration and Policy, argues that addressing the needs of individuals is more effective than tackling problems facing a community or neighborhood as a whole.

Posted:  January 15, 2018

VIDEO: Kinesiology course empowers students with self-defense skills

In the Department of Kinesiology’s Self Defense for Women course, students learn the best ways to defend themselves against harassment and physical attacks. The course is part of the department’s Physical Activity Program, a universitywide program offering courses in aquatics, fitness, athletics, martial arts and more.

Posted:  January 11, 2018

New Social and Behavioral Sciences study examines links between depression and risks for unintended pregnancy

Unintended pregnancy is prevalent, complex and costly. According to the Guttmacher Institute, 40 percent of pregnancies in the U.S. today are unintended. Many such pregnancies are associated with depression, substance abuse and delays in prenatal care, and, in 2010, public health services spent nearly $13 billion on unintended pregnancies.

Posted:  December 13, 2017

Photos: Annual Assistive Technology Expo expands opportunities for those with disabilities

Students in the Department of Recreation Therapy's Assistive Technology in Recreation class ran an Assistive Technology Expo in the Student Center on Friday, Dec. 1. Each year, in collaboration with the Pennsylvania's Initiative on Assistive Technology program from Temple's Institute on Disabilities, students share devices that help individuals with low vision, hearing loss or communication difficulties take advantage of recreational opportunities in their daily lives.

Posted:  December 12, 2017

Lunch and Learn Series tackles social justice through public health

Despite representing a third of the US population, racial and ethnic minorities typically receive less frequent or lower quality healthcare: as a whole, people of color have fewer breast cancer screenings, organ transplants and vaccinations, to name a few examples. This disparity results in a less healthy population, increased costs for treating preventable conditions and continued inequity for minority populations.

Posted:  December 6, 2017