Rena A. Krakow

Associate Professor
Undergraduate Program Director
Communication Sciences and Disorders
1701 N 13th Street


Dr. Krakow is an associate professor and undergraduate program director in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. She earned master's and PhD degrees in linguistics at Yale as well as a master’s degree in special education at Teachers College, Columbia. Dr. Krakow’s body of research includes studies of speech production and perception, spoken and written language development and disorders. Dr. Krakow has led written language interventions for at-risk children and for adults with aphasia. Dr. Krakow is one of the founders of PACT, the Philadelphia Aphasia Community at Temple. She teaches Foundations in Speech Science, Written Language Development and Disorders, and Topics seminars.

Courses Taught




CSCD 3233

Basic Speech Science


CSCD 3403

Foundations in Speech Science


CSCD 4979

Honors in Communication Sciences


CSCD 5730

Topics in Speech, Language and Hearing


CSCD 8727

Written Language Development and Disorders


Selected Publications

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