Reem Algheryafi

PhD Candidate, Neuromotor Science
Health and Rehabilitation Sciences


Reem Algheryafi is a PhD candidate in the neuromotor science program at Temple University. She received her bachelor’s in physical therapy from King Saud University (Saudi Arabia) and her MHS in physical therapy and rehabilitation with emphasis on pediatrics from the University of Indianapolis. Her clinical practice as a pediatric physical therapy specialist, which involved establishing a pediatric physical therapy service in a medical center in Saudi Arabia, derived her specific interest in outcome measures and physical activity for children.

In the neuromotor science program, Algheryafi focuses on physical activity as a coordinated body movement that involves the integrated functioning of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Her long-term research goals involve improvements in the rehabilitation services delivered to children with physical disabilities based on sound assessment of their conditions. Her doctoral dissertation research, which is conducted under the supervision of Dr. Carole Tucker, is about enhancing self-reported physical activity and related self-efficacy among adolescents. She is utilizing the mixed methodology that links the initial qualitative studies outcomes with the quantitative methods including online self-reporting and objective monitoring to validate some self-reported outcome measures for young and old adolescents.

Curriculum Vitae