Omar Martinez

Associate Professor
Social Work
1301 Cecil B. Moore Avenue


Omar Martinez is an associate professor in the School of Social Work. Martinez leads the Temple University’s Implementation Sciences Laboratory. The lab has developed a national and international reputation for conducting high-impact health disparities research and for providing a unique venue for training the next generation of behavioral researchers. The lab focuses on research to enhance the development, uptake, effectiveness and efficiency of evidence-based interventions and policies within clinical and community settings in order to improve population health and reduce health disparities.

Martinez completed his master’s degree in public health, juris doctorate at Indiana University-Bloomington, as well as a master’s degree in clinical research methods at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health. Martinez completed an NIH T32 postdoctoral research fellowship in behavioral science research in HIV prevention at the HIV Center for Clinical and Behavioral Studies at Columbia University and the New York State Psychiatric Institute.

Martinez has research expertise in the correlates, prevalence, and prevention of substance use, mental illness, and HIV among underserved and vulnerable populations, including sexual and gender minorities. His work has contributed to a better understanding of the impact of syndemic factors, including both individual-level factors (e.g. substance use and mental health problems) and the larger social context (e.g. immigration policies, stigma, discrimination, structural racism, violence, and cultural imperialism) that affects the overall health outcomes among sexual and gender minority immigrants. His experiences also include developing and implementing programs and interventions to address the health disparities affecting Latinxs and underserved populations, including HoMBReS, a best-evidence community-level intervention HIV prevention intervention for self-identified heterosexual Latinxs; Connect n’ Unite, a couple-based behavioral HIV prevention intervention for Black men who have sex with men; and Connecting Latinos en Parejas, a couple-based HIV prevention and treatment intervention for Latino men who have sex with men. He is currently leading an NIH funded study titled Examining the Impact of Medical Legal Partnerships in Improving Outcomes on the HIV Care Continuum. The study consists of formative and developmental work to investigate the impact of Medical Legal Partnerships on health, legal, and psychosocial outcomes among people living with HIV.

Martinez is also committed to training the next generation of behavioral researchers and supporting the advancement and capacity building of nonprofit organizations. He currently serves as a consultant to the HIV Intervention Science Training Program for Underrepresented New Investigators at Columbia University. He also serves on the boards of GALAEI, a Queer and Trans, Black, Indigenous and People of Color radical social justice organization in Philadelphia, PA that provides and facilitates queer educational services and community wellness; Women Organized Against Rape, a non-profit organization in Philadelphia, PA committed to eliminate all forms of sexual violence through specialized treatment services, comprehensive prevention education programs, and advocacy for the rights of victims of sexual assault; and the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, an international organization dedicated to advancing sexuality research and scholarship.


  • JD, Health Law, Indiana Unviersity–Bloomington
  • MPH, Health Policy, Indiana University–Bloomington
  • MS, Clinical Research Methods, Columbia University
  • BA, Political Science and Sociology, University of Florida–Gainesville

Curriculum Vitae 

Courses Taught




SSWG 5006

Social Welfare Policies and Services II


SSWG 8607

Advanced Policy - Gender and Sexuality


Selected Publications

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