Ben Meister

PhD Student, Kinesiology


Ben is a PhD student in the kinesiology program at Temple University's College of Public Health. His undergraduate research at Salisbury University's Laboratory for Human Performance focused on metabolic rate with various activities, especially resistance exercise. He was an undergraduate student leader at the lab, responsible for the overall management and organization of the lab and its research projects. He was the lead investigator for a study entitled, “Influence of muscle action on energy expenditure: concentric vs. eccentric vs. both,” which he presented at the National American College of Sports Medicine research conference. For this study, he oversaw data collection trials, scheduling, research team duties and responsibilities (assignments), data analysis and graphing. Because of this experience, he was selected (top 10) for an inaugural, universitywide honor as a Salisbury University Undergraduate Research Fellow.

As a master's student, Ben joined the Exercise Physiology Laboratory at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO). His thesis, "Effect of Local Cold Application during Exercise on Mitochondrial Gene Expression," was accepted for publication. Each year, he presented at both regional and national conferences, and he won an award for presenting at the Midlands Society of Physiological Sciences conference.

At UNO, Ben was exposed for the first time to RT-PCR and Western blotting, and his excitement to learn more biochemistry techniques continues to grow. At Temple, he will further his research on muscle and mitochondria using animal and cell models.

Curriculum Vitae