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Samantha Davis

PhD Student, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Social and Behavioral Sciences


Samantha Davis is a fourth-year PhD student in the Social and Behavioral Sciences Department at Temple University. She has an MPH from Thomas Jefferson University. Her research interests include tobacco control, mindfulness and underserved populations. She was awarded a two-year grant from the Mind and Life Institute to carry out a two-phase research project. The first phase, in-depth interviews exploring the acceptability of mindfulness among low-income female smokers (N=12), is complete. Data from the interviews were used to tailor a mindfulness-based intervention (MBI) for the target population. The MBI is the second phase of the project which is also a part of her dissertation research. The study is a one-month, two group (treatment vs. control), text message, mindfulness-based intervention (N=40) to reduce smoking urge and stress reactivity for low-income female cigarette smokers with children.

Beyond her own research, she has had a variety of learning experiences at Temple University, such as working on research studies, managing and analyzing data, providing nutrition and smoking cessation counseling, and contributing to the development of protocols, grants, abstracts and manuscripts with Drs. Collins and Lepore. One of these projects was a multilevel National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded research study aiming to reduce second-hand smoke exposure among low-income women with children. Additionally, she received a Schinfeld Award to fund the development and implementation of a two-week pilot studying using a multiple behavior change app. In Fall 2019, she created and taught a 3-credit course, “Introduction to Mindfulness.”