Miriam Wamsley headshot

Miriam Wamsley

PhD Student, Epidemiology
Epidemiology and Biostatistics


Miriam L. Wamsley is a PhD in epidemiology student with Heather Murphy’s Water, Health and Applied Microbiology (WHAM) Lab. Before coming to Temple, she worked as an environmental epidemiologist, characterizing health risks due to drinking water for the New Mexico Department of Health. She has over seven years of experience in domestic water/wastewater treatment, water quality and environmental health. Miriam holds a bachelor of science in biology as well as a master's in water resources from the University of New Mexico.

Previous work has included the use of spatial analysis and Bayesian modeling to prioritize communities in need of water quality interventions. She also managed biomonitoring activities assessing human exposure to metals and phthalates by comparing concentrations in well water and urine. Current work includes assisting Dr. Heather Murphy with the enrollment and recruitment for a pilot and full trial: Wells and Enteric Disease Transmission (WET)—a randomized trial of children supplied drinking water from private wells (funded by PA Cure and the NIH, wettrial.org). Miriam’s research plans include combining hydro-science (environmental chemistry, hydrogeology) skills with epidemiologic study design implementation and improved spatial/spatio-temporal analysis skills. These plans connect with her ultimate goal of being an academic researcher who improves the health and safety of drinking water in the U.S. through policy evaluation and development.