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Marsha Zibalese-Crawford

Marsha Zibalese-Crawford Temple University School of Social Work

Associate Professor




  • D.S.W.,Howard University, Social Work
  • M.S.W., California State University, Sacramento, Social Work
  • B.A., California State University, Sacramento, Social Welfare and Corrections



Marsha Zibalese-Crawford is an associate professor with a secondary appointment in the Department of Geography and Urban Studies. She combines a focus on the needs of women and children with a rich array of experience developing organizational partnerships in the community, both public and private.  Her CBPR community-based participatory research focus provides her the unique opportunity to apply and test theory in a practical setting in the U.S. and globally (e.g. Israel).   Most recent publications:  Urban Communities and Human Services, A Study on the Preparedness of Medical Social Workers in the Treatment of Adolescent Alcohol Abusers, and Non-profit/NGO capacity building and sustainability in a global context.

She is currently the principal investigator for the Bedouin Women’s Voices Project in Nahab, Israel.  She is the co-investigator for the National Institute of Drug Abuse, Temple University translational research on interventions for adolescents in the Juvenile Justice System: TRIALS; and in the past five years was principal evaluator/researcher for the community-based City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, Restorative Justice program;  the evaluator/ researcher for the Drug Free Communities grant funded by the Federal Office of National Drug Control Strategy and SAMHSA; and the DBHiDS/OAS prevention evidence-based projects.  In 2009, she completed a study that assessed the needs of girls and violence in Philadelphia.  The study was designed to provide greater insight into the needs of girls at risk for—or involved in—violence in order to suggest family- and community-based programs and services for possible implementation. Zibalese-Crawford was also the lead researcher for the City of Philadelphia Report Card of the well –being of children and youth from 1999-2007.

Zibalese-Crawford teaches in both the BSW and MSW programs. Her teaching includes classes on human behavior and the social environment, addictions, financial management for non-profits. research, policy, and program evaluation. She also serves on several city, state, and regional boards in lead positions.

Course Involvement

Human Behavior and the Social Environment:  Groups, Communities and Organizations   (BSW and MSW)
Financial Management for Non-Profit and NGO’s   -- (advanced MSW)
Alcohol and other drugs :  Addictions    (BSW and MSW) 
Program Evaluation  -- (BSW and MSW)
Research (two semester course) –  (BSW and MSW)
Macro Research  (MSW)
Management and Planning I & II – (advanced MSW)


Book Length Monographs:
Atzei, S., Zibalese-Crawford, M., Paredes, H. & McGory, J. (2015) Cordaid’s Barometer of Local Women’s Security Guidelines:  Sidreh’s Community-based Participatory Research for Bedouin Women in the Negev Region – Israel.  Cordaid Foundation: Building Flourishing Communities.
Zibalese-Crawford, M., Zobel, Y., Edwards, E., Thalia, K., (2012). Poverty in Philadelphia: Setting the Stage for Change.  City of Philadelphia. 
Zibalese-Crawford, M. Zobel, Y., Edwards, E., Thalia, K., (2012).  The Mayor’s Office of Community Services: A Vision for Poverty for Tomorrow.  City of   Philadelphia.
Zibalese-Crawford, M., Anazzario, T., Lyons, C.  (2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 & 2006) Report Card:  Well being of Children and youth in Philadelphia.  City of Philadelphia & Philadelphia Safe and Sound.
Meyers, K. Zibalese-Crawford, M., Lawer, J., Weiner, N. (2005).  Lifetimes at Risk Youth Offenders between 10-12 years of age: The Philadelphia Story.  City of Philadelphia.  
Zibalese Crawford, M. (1995). Assessing the Social Work Response to HIV/AIDS. Washington, D.C.: NASW Press
Peer Reviewed Journal Articles and Book Chapters:
Ben-Ezra, M., Goodwin, R., Palgi, Y., Kaniasty, K., Zibalese-Crawford, M.. Weinberger, A., and Hamama-Raz, Y. (2014).  Concomitants of perceived sense of trust in medical and hospital services following Hurricane Sandy. Psychiatry Research. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.psychres.2014.08.012
Zibalese-Crawford, M. & Zobel-Crawford, J. (2014).  Urban Communities and Human Services.  In Linwood, C.H. & Golson, J.G. (Eds.) Enclyclopedia of Human Services and Diversity,  CA:Sage Publications.
Roundtree, M.A.,  Zibalese-Crawford & M,  Bagwell, M. (2012) “An inquiry into the intersection of intimate partner violence and HIV/AIDS among inner-city African American women.” Journal of Women and Gender Studies, Vol.5.  
Roundtree, M.A. Zibalese-Crawford, M. & Evans, M.  (2012) “Seasons of change.”  In D. Rowan (Eds.) Social Work with HIV and AIDS: A Case-Based Guide.   NY: The Hayworth  Press, Inc. (pp. 53-88).
Zibalese-Crawford, M. (2011)) “Girls who commit violence are unlike boys: The need to address adolescent female violence through an understanding of the unique   context of the adolescent female,” Journal of Youth and Adolescence
Recent Conference Presentations:  
Zibalese-Crawford, M., Alnsara, A., Paredes, H.  (2015) Reality of Arab/Bedouin Women in the
Negev/Nahab.  Ber Sheva, Israel. 
Zibalese-Crawford, M., Paredes, H., Alsanah, K. (2015)  Bedouin Women’s roles in
Desert Gardens. 3rd Oxford Desert Garden Conference.  Oxford, England   (Paper presentation).
Zobel. J. & Zibalese-Crawford, M. (October 2015) Using Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) Locally and Globally to Address Mental Health
Racial and Ethnic Disparitie.  CADCA. (Invited Presentation)
Pardes, H., Zibalese-Crawford, M. & Ashlam, K. (2015) Improving Health and Well-
Being of Bedouin Women Young Children in the Negev.  Community is the
answer" .  Glasgow, Scotland. (Paper Presentation)
Zibalese-Crawford, M. (2015).  Getting to urban environments indicators and outcomes. 
Urban Affairs Association Conference. San Francisco, CA (Paper presentation) 
Zibalese-Crawford , M. (fall 2015). Community Evaluation: Models and Practices. Sapir College. 
Sderot, Israel  (Invited speaker)
Zibalese-Crawford, M. (2014) Using Community-Based Participatory Research 
(CBPR) Locally and Globally to Address Mental Health Racial and Ethnic Disparities.  2014 International Symposium on  Minority Health an Health Disparities, National Harbor, MD.  (Paper Presentation)
Zibalese-Crawford, M. & Zobel, J. (2014).  A Case Study: NGO Capacity 
Building through the Methodology of Community-based Participatory Research (CBPR).  Community is the answer" 2014 conference, Glasgow, Scotland.  (Invited speaker)
Pardes, H., Zibalese-Crawford, M. & Ashlam, K. Improving Health and Well-
Being of Bedouin Women Young Children in the Negev.  Community is the answer" 2014 conference, Glasgow, Scotland. (Invited speakers)
Zibalese-Crawford,  & Zobel, J. (2014).  Causes and Correlates of Girls Violence.   Third International Conference on Practice Research (Building Bridges Not Pipelines: Promoting Tw-Way Traffic Between Practice and Research) , New York City, New York  (Paper Presentation)
Zibalese-Crawford, M. (2013) Using Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) to Address Mental Health Racial and Ethnic Disparities.  Health Disparities and Urban Health Care Symposium, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA. (Invited workshop)
Zibalese-Crawford, M. & Yoel, J. (2013)  How to Merge Community Survey/Walk and Photo Voice into One Simple, Useful Methodology of Community-based Participatory Research (CBPR).  Paper presented at the Communal Pathways to Sustainable Living, ICSA, Ecovillage, Scotland. (Invited workshop)
Zibalese-Crawford, M. (2013) Measuring Trends in Youth Well-Being: An Urban Centers Toolbox. Urban Affairs Association 43rd Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA
Zibalese-Crawford, M. (2012) Telling the story community through the Walk/PhotoVoice Process.  Paper presented at the HIV/AIDS 2012: The Social Work Response Conference, New Orleans, LA.  
Zibalese-Crawford, M. (2011) Girls violence in Philadelphia: A Community Assessment. Women's Health 2011: The 19th Annual Congress, Washington, D.C.  (Invited Speaker) 
Zibalese-Crawford, M. (2011).  Utilizing a Community Collaborative Approach to Enhance Healthy Life- Styles in West Philadelphia. Center for Disease 2011Control Reach Us Conference. (Invited speaker)

Grants & Contracts

2014-2016 Lead Researcher.  Women’s Barometer.  
2014-2017 Co-Principal Investigator.  Advanced Clinical Education and Inter-professional Training (ACE IT). Funded by HRSA
2014-2015 Principal Investigator.  Health Literacy in Adult Community Education.   Funded by Community Research Day Fund.  Temple University, Department of Public Health, College of Public Health.
2013- 2017 Co- Principal Investigator.  The TUCAIR Plan.  Funded by the National Institute of Drug Abuse and National Institute of Health.
2012-2013 Co- Principal Investigator.  National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention – Gap Analysis, City of Philadelphia.  Funded by the City of Philadelphia Department of Human Services.  
2011-2014 Principal Investigator. Evaluation of DBHIDS prevention and early intervention community an organization behavioral health disparities project. Funded by the PA Department of Drug and Alcohol & Department of Behavioral Health Intellectual DisAbility Services.
2012-2013 Principal Investigator. Communities for a Drug Free Living Curriculum Development and Evaluation.  Pennsylvania National Guard.  
2009-2013 Principal Investigator. City of Philadelphia Behavioral Health Services County Drug & Alcohol Prevention Profile and Prevention Community Needs Assessment.  Funded by City of Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health/Intellectual Disability Services. 
Fall 2012         Co-Investigator. Meir Hospital, Kfar Saba, Israel.  Association between Parents awareness, monitoring and the increase in adolescent’s admittance to Emergency Rooms for alcohol related problems.  Sabbatical project.
2011-2012 Principal Investigator.  Strategic Plan Development and Community Needs Assessment Update.  Funded by the City of Philadelphia.
2007-2012 Principal Investigator, Reach Us Healthy Lifestyles Project.  Funded by the Center for Disease Control.
2008-2013 Principal Evaluator. Drug Free Communities Project Evaluation.  Funded by the Office of National Drug Control Policy.   
Summer 2011 Principal Investigator.  Faculty Development Award.  Pilot study of Girls Violence across Populations in Philadelphia.  Funded by Temple University. 
2009-2010 Principal Investigator, Assessment to determine resources, availability, and Access Needed to Respond to Philadelphia’s Adolescent Female Violence.  Funded by the Department of Human Services. 
1999-2007 Principal Investigator/Lead Researcher, City of Philadelphia Report Card:   Well-being of children and youth in Philadelphia.  Funded by the City of Philadelphia on behalf of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation