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Graduate Admissions

Master of Social Work

The Master of Social Work Program consists of 60 semester hours of course work and field practice taken full time (over 2 academic years) or part time (over 3 to 4 academic years). An accelerated format is available for students who have earned the Bachelor of Social Work degree and who may be given advanced standing in the program.

All courses in the program, with the exception of the first summer course for advanced standing students, carry 3 semester hours of academic credit.
Except for those admitted with advanced standing, all entering students follow a common foundation curriculum. Prior to the start of their advanced program, students select one of three concentrations.

A concentration involves two practice courses, taken concurrently with an advanced field placement, and a research course. The concentration choices are:

  • Clinical Practice
  • Management and Planning
  • Social Work in Communities and Policy Arenas


Specializations Choices are:

  • Children and Families
  • Health and Mental Health, or an
  • Individualized Option designed by the student and an advisor

MSW Student Handbook 2013-2014


Dual Masters in Social Work and Public Health

Temple University's College of Public Health offers a dual degree program that affords students the opportunity to earn the MSW (through the School of Social Work) and the MPH (through the Department of Public Health) in three to five years.  The primary goal of this dual degree program is to prepare professionals to assess, understand, prevent, and intervene in health and mental health related concerns that impact the well-being of individuals, communities, and populations through a social and economic justice lens.

Dual degree program students complete 45-51 credit hours in the School of Social Work and 36-39 credit hours in the Department of Public Health.  Field placements provide students with opportunities to apply theories and skills to real-world practice settings.  The foundation year field placement is focused on social work practice and skills, and the advanced year field placement is focused on both social work and public health practice and skills.

MSW-MPH graduates seek employment as administrators, policy and program planners and evaluators, counselors or clinicians, educators, and researchers.

For more information about the MPH program, visit the following web pages:

MSW/MPH Degree

MPH Degree

Graduate Bulletin Public Health

To be admitted, students must apply to each program separately, and admissions requirements must be met for each program.  When applying to each program, please indicate in your “statement of goals” that you are seeking admission to the MSW/MPH dual degree program.


Home and School Visitor Certification: Students interested in school social work may consider choosing “Individualized Option – School Social Work” as their specialization, and pursuing the Home and School Visitor Certification. The Home and School Visitor Certification is administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The certification is required to work as a social worker in some schools in the state. Temple SSA does not currently offer a Home and School Visitor Certification program. However, Bryn Mawr´s Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research will work with SSA students who wish to be certified through their program. Students interested in this option must follow a prescribed curriculum in order to meet the requirements for the certification. Interested students should meet with their SSA academic advisor for more detailed information.