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Grace X. Ma

Grace X. Ma Temple University Department of Public Health
Laura H. Carnell Professor of Public Health
Director, Center for Asian Health


1301 Cecil B. Moore Avenue
Ritter Annex, 9th floor (004-09)
Philadelphia, PA  19122
Office: 215-204-5108  
Fax: 215-204-1854


Dr. Grace X. Ma is a tenured full Professor in the Department of Public Health and Director of Center for Asian Health, College of Health Professions at Temple University. As a behavioral health scientist, Dr. Ma’s research focuses on community-based participatory intervention research (CBPR), early detection, patient navigation of Hepatitis B, cancers and chronic illnesses, smoking cessation, access and quality of healthcare in medically underserved, uninsured and high-risk Asian American populations. In 2000, Dr. Ma founded the Center for Asian Health, one of the first in the nation dedicated to reducing cancer and other health disparities among Asian Americans. Dr. Ma in partnership with Asian community leaders co-founded the first Asian Community Health Coalition (ACHC) in the Eastern region of the U.S., including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York City and Washington DC areas. Over the past decade, Dr. Ma has received over 55 grant awards from various sources, including the National Institutes of Health (NIH), to conduct research in her expertise areas. Dr. Ma’s research collaboration extends to the Southeast and Southwest regions of China. This international component of her research focuses on longitudinal studies of tobacco and cancer control in China. Dr. Ma has authored and co-authored 5 books, over 120 peer-reviewed publications and delivered over 480 professional presentations at regional, national and international conferences. The impacts of these publications and presentations are reflected in public health academic teaching and mentorship, research and practices, as well as in Asian and minority healthcare policies and programs in the United States.

Dr. Ma has taught graduate courses in public health, substance abuse and addiction, research methods, and behavioral health, among others. Dr. Ma has trained and mentored over 115 junior researchers. Among them, 22 post-doctoral fellows/junior faculty; 51 pre-doctoral and doctoral fellows in dissertations; 30 masters fellows in theses and interns.

Dr. Ma has served on numerous scientific advisory boards in cancer, Hepatitis B, tobacco control, diabetes and other chronic disease issues. She has also served on national, state and community health advisory boards. She is an active member of numerous public health professional associations, journal editorial boards, national and statewide tobacco and cancer control plans. Dr. Ma, a nationally and internationally recognized scholar has received numerous distinguished awards from academic institutions, scientific associations, and NIH and community organizations that include 2013 recognition by National Cancer Institute-CRCHD for her outstanding contributions and achievements in research, prevention and training initiatives that address cancer health disparities among Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders(AAPIs) during AAPI Heritage month of may; 2010 Partnership Award by Nanjing Cancer Survivors Association, Nanjing, China; 2009 Outstanding Scientific Publication Award by NCI-CRCHD, NIH; 2009 Outstanding Health Leadership Award from Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association and Chinese Community Center, Inc. NYC; 2008 Distinguished Asian Health Leader Award from Penn Asian Senior Services; 2006 NYC Chinese Community Cultural Center’s Asian Health Leadership Award; 2005 National Institutes of Health’s Martin Luther King Award in Reducing Health Disparities; 2004 NCI-CRCHD Community Healthcare Leadership Award; and 2001 NCI’s Atlantic Region Cancer Information Service award.

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Advanced Research Methods in Public Health

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Doctoral Pre-Dissertation Research in Public Health

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Health Promotion, Wellness, and Holistic Health

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Grants & Contracts

Breast Cancer Early Detection at Community Health Centers in China (RO3), funded by NIH (Principal Investigator: Grace X. Ma, PhD)

Implement And Evaluate Appropriate Clinical Trial Intervention for Health Providers, funded by NIH-DHHS (Principal Investigator: Grace X. Ma, PhD) 

Dissemination of an Evidence-Based HepB Intervention to Korean Churches (R24), funded by NIH (Principal Investigator: Grace X. Ma, PhD)

Chinese Takeout Restaurants – Less Salt and Healthy Eating, funded by Philadelphia Department of Public Health (Principal Investigator: Grace X. Ma, PhD)

Strengthening Patient-Physician Communication Intervention, funded by NIH (Principal Investigator: Grace X. Ma, PhD)

Using Multilevel Intervention for Less Salt and Healthy Eating, funded by CDC (Principal Investigator: Grace X. Ma, PhD)

Biospecimen Research in Asian Communities, funded by NCI/NIH (Principal Investigator: Grace X. Ma, PhD)  

A Culturally Appropriate Cervical Cancer Intervention for Underserved Vietnamese Women (RO1), funded by NIH-DHHS (Principal Investigator: Grace X. Ma, PhD)

Asian Community Cancer Health Disparities Center (U54), funded by NIH-DHHS(Principal Investigator: Grace X. Ma, PhD)

ATECAR - Asian Community Cancer Network (U01), funded by NCI, NIH-DHHS (Principal Investigator: Grace X. Ma, PhD)

A Randomized Trial of HepB Screening and Vaccination in High Risk Vietnamese (RO1), funded by NIH-DHHS (Principal Investigator: Grace X. Ma, PhD)

A Physician-Based Trial to Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening in Chinese (RO1), funded by NIH-DHHS, (Co-Principal Investigator: Grace X. Ma, PhD; Principal Investigator: Wenchi Liang, PhD)

Evidence-Based Breast Cancer Intervention for Asian American Women by Susan G. Komen Foundation for the Cure Philadelphia (Principal Investigator: Grace X. Ma, PhD)

CBPR Hepatitis B Intervention For Underserved Korean Americans (R24), funded NIH-DHHS (Principal Investigator: Grace X. Ma, PhD)

Facilitating cervical cancer intervention among underserved Korean American women funded by American Cancer Society (R01) (Co-Principal Investigator: Grace X. Ma, PhD; Principal Investigator: Carolyn Fang, PhD)

A RCT to Promote Mammography Adherence Among Chinese Immigrant Women, (R01 funded by NIH-DHHS (co-Investigator: Grace X. Ma, PhD; Principal Investigator: Judy Wang, PhD)


Behavioral Health Intervention Trials

Health Disparities/Transcultural Health Care (Asian Americans and Ethnic Minority Populations)

Cancer Prevention and Intervention (Hep-B Liver, Lung, Cervical, Breast, Colon Cancers, Clinical Trials)

Tobacco Control and Lung Cancer

Chronic Disease Intervention (Diabetes and Hypertension)

Substance Abuse Prevention and Intervention

Public Health Education and Community Health

Health Promotion, Wellness, and Holistic Health

Perception, Risk and Protective Factors of Health Behaviors

Global or International Health

Translation Health Research

Clinical Interests

* Cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment and quality of care

Breast cancer

Cervical cancer

Colorectal cancer

Hepatitis B related liver cancer


* Smoking Cessation

* Chronic disease prevention and intervention treatment