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Gretchen Snethen

Gretchen Snethen Temple University Department of Rehabilitation Sciences

Assistant Professor


1700 N. Broad, Suite 301A
Philadelphia, PA 19121
Office: 215-204-2748
Fax: 215-204-1386


  • Ph.D. Leisure Behavior,  Minor: Social Science Approach to Health and Healing Systems, Indiana University
  • M.S., Recreational Therapy Administration, East Carolina University
  • B.A., English, The University of Kansas



Gretchen Snethen is an assistant professor in the Therapeutic Recreation program within the department of Rehabilitation Sciences. Her professional experience consists of direct and managerial work with youth and adults with mental illness. Gretchen has also been involved with multiple research projects that aim to understand the relationship of symptoms, community participation, and physical activity in adults with schizophrenia, as well as understanding the community-based barriers that may prevent community participation. Additionally, her research and professional experience uses recreation as a facilitator for increased functioning and independent community participation. Gretchen remains connected to the recreational therapy profession and strives to help connect practitioners to research. This is evident in her written publications, professional presentations, as well as her involvement as a co-team leader for the American Therapeutic Recreation Association Research Team.

Professional Certifications:

Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS)

Course Involvement

Temple University

  • RS- 5311         Community Participation and Leisure Time Physical Activity for Individuals with Disabilities (Summer II, 2013) [5 students]
  • CHPSW- 5001Graduate Research Methods I (Summer I, 2013) [5 students]
  • THRC-8141    Conceptual Issues and Contemporary Status of Therapeutic Recreation (Spring 2013) [8 students]
  • THRC-2103    Foundations of Therapeutic Recreation Practice (Fall 2011 [35 students], Spring 2012 [34 students])
  • THRC-9382    Independent Study (Spring 2012) [1 student]
  • THRC-3196    Research and Evaluation in Therapeutic Recreation (Fall 2012 [17 students], Fall 2013 [25 students])

East Carolina University

  • RCTX-4252    Leadership and Group Dynamics in Recreational Therapy (Spring 2011)
  • RCLS-2601     Leisure in Modern Society (Online; Spring 2011)
  • RCTX-4264    Assessment in Recreational Therapy (Fall 2010)
  • RCTX-4260    Senior Practicum in Recreational Therapy (Fall 2010)

Indiana University

  • HPER-R301    Internship Preparation for Therapeutic Recreation (Fall 2008, 2009)
  • HPER-R363    Internship Supervision for Therapeutic Recreation (Spring 2009, Summer 2010)
  • HPER-R402    Therapeutic Recreation Senior Seminar (Fall 2008, 2009)
  • HPER-R462    Management of Therapeutic Recreation (Spring 2010)


Selected Publications:

  1. McCormick, B. P., Snethen, G., Smith, R. L., & Lysaker, P. H. (2012). Active leisure in the emotional experience of people with schizophrenia. Therapeutic Recreation Journal, 46(3), 179-190.
  2. McCormick, B. P., Snethen, G., & Lysaker, P. (2012) Emotional episodes in the everyday lives of people with schizophrenia: The role of intrinsic motivation and negative symptoms. Schizophrenia Research, 142(1-3), 46-51.
  3. Snethen, G., McCormick, B. P., & Van Puymbroeck, M. (2012). Community involvement, planning, and coping skills: Pilot outcomes of an individualized placement and support intervention for adults with schizophrenia. Disability and Rehabilitation, 34(18), 1575-1584.
  4. Lysaker, P. H., McCormick, B. P., Snethen, G., Buck, K. D., Hamm, J. A., Grant, M., et al., (2011). Metacognition and social function in schizophrenia: Associations of mastery with functional skills competence. Schizophrenia Research, 131, 214-218.
  5. Snethen, G., McCormick, B. P., & Van Puymbroeck, M. (2011). Independence through community access and navigation (I-CAN) in adults with schizophrenia spectrum disorders: Theoretical & practical foundations [Part I]. American Journal of Recreational Therapy, 10(1), 25-34.
  6. Snethen, G., McCormick, B. P., Smith, R. L., & Van Puymbroeck, M. (2011). Independence through community access and navigation (I-CAN) in adults with schizophrenia spectrum disorders: Treatment planning & implementation [Part II]. American Journal of Recreational Therapy, 10(1), 35-46.
  7. Snethen, G. (2010). Preventing female gang involvement: Development of the Joint-Interest Core and Balance Model of Mother/Daughter Leisure Functioning. Aggression and Violent Behavior, 15, 42-48.  
  8. Snethen, G., & Van Puymbroeck, M. (2008). Girls and physical aggression: Causes, trends, and intervention guided by Social Learning Theory. Aggression and Violent Behavior, 13(5), 346-354.
  9. Skalko, T. K., Williams, R., Snethen, G., & Cooper, N. (2008). ECU Horizons Day Treatment Program: A case study of collaboration between community mental health providers and an academic recreational therapy program. Therapeutic Recreation Journal, 42(2), 132-142.