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Richard Lauer

Dr. Richard Lauer Temple University Department of Physical Therapy
Richard Lauer, PhD
Associate Professor, Physical Therapy 
Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering


3307 North Broad Street
Jones Hall, Room 605
Philadelphia, PA 19140
Office: 215-707-5964
Fax: 215-707-7500


Richard T. Lauer received his bachelor’s in biomedical engineering with a minor in history from the Catholic University of America in 1993; his MS from Case Western Reserve University in 1996, and his PhD from Case Western Reserve University in 2001.  After completing a one-year postdoctoral fellowship with the Department of Veterans Affairs, Dr. Lauer joined the Scientific Staff of Shriner’s Hospitals for Children, Philadelphia in 2003 where he worked as an Assistant Investigator before coming to Temple in 2008.

Course Involvement

PT 8513            Movement Science I

PT 8523            Movement Science II

PT 8525            Clinical Electrophysiology

PT 8555            Assistive Technologies

PT 8558            Evidence Based Practice I, Physical Therapy (DPT)

PT 8568            Evidence Based Practice II, Physical Therapy (DPT)

PT 9624             Human Movement Science II Mechanics and Models (PhD)


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Grants & Contracts

Balance and Posture in Adults with Cerebral Palsy. NIH, NICHD #1R01HD069769, 2012- 2016.                                                                 Role: Principal Investigator

Assessment of visual dependence on balance instability in adults with cerebral palsy. Temple University Faculty Senate Seed Money Fund, 2010-2011.
Role: Principal Investigator

Relationships of histochemistry to muscle activity in the child with cerebral palsy. Temple University Provost Seed Grant. 2010-2011.
Role: Principal Investigator


Balance and Posture in adults and children with cerebral palsy.

Locomotor adaptation in individuals with cerebral palsy

Increasing somatosensory feedback for imporved balance and gait in individuals with CP

Functional Electrical Stimulation for adults and children with spinal cord injury.