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Post-BS HI Certificates FAQs

Contact Information:

Tuition Fees and Reimbursement :

Can I apply for tuition reimbursement for the post-BS HI certificates?

Certificate candidates are encouraged to contact their employer’s HR Department to determine if tuition reimbursement is available.

CHOP employees may use CHOP’s Employee Tuition Reimbursement Program to help cover tuition costs.  Eligible CHOP employees must follow the policies and procedures described in  CHOP’s Tuition Assistance Program(


How much will the program cost?

The tuition for the program is based on the University's tuition schedule which can be found on the Bursar's Office homepage.  Please note the program is offered through the College of Public Health (CPH) so tuition is based on the CPH part-time rates.  The tuition is also adjusted based on whether you are a Pennsylvania resident.  Please note there are fees, including application fees, that will be applied.


Do I need to send all of my transcripts even if I received my baccalaureate degree from Temple?
Yes. To apply to any program at Temple University you must submit all of your prior transcripts for any credit-bearing education you received at a college or university, even if it was just one course or the course was taken at Temple University.

Where should transcripts be sent?
Official copies of each transcript should be sent to:

Department of Health Information Management
College of Health Professions
3307 North Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19140
Attention:Post-BS Health Informatics Applications

If I already have a graduate degree, do I still need all my prior transcripts?
Yes. Temple University requires official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended.

Requirements for Admission:

How do I submit recommendations?
Please request that your evaluator email an electronic version of your Recommendation Form to Joe Hines at

Do I need a prior faculty member as a recommendation?
No.  Although many applicants do ask prior faculty members for evaluations, professional recommendations are accepted and encouraged.

What is the required GPA for admission into the post-BS in Health Informatics Certificate program?
An applicant must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 from a baccalaureate degree conferred from an accredited college or university.

When do I need a TOEFL exam and what is the acceptable score?
Information pertaining to the Graduate School's requirements for and acceptable scores for the TOEFL exam are available on the International Applications page.

How does the admission process work?

Please refer to Applications Process Link

Is there an application deadline for Spring admissions?
Interested  candidates must apply by December 7, 2011 for a Spring 2012 admission

Program Logistics:

When and where will courses be offered?
The program is designed to be a part-time program for working professionals. Classes are offered in the evenings on CHOP's campus at the Colket Research Building or at 3535 Market Street.

Is the program offered online?
One of the key differentiators of this program is the collaborative design between the Health Information Management Department at the College of Public Health and the Management Information Systems Department at the Fox School of Business. Classes are taught in a multi-disciplinary approach. The classroom interaction is critical.  Accordingly, the program is designed to be on-site.  Individual classes may be taught online or in a hybrid approach.

Application of Post-BS Certificate to MSHI

Will my credits in the post-BS certificates transfer to the MSHI?

If you have a cumulative GPA  of 3.25 in the certificate courses,the credits earned will transfer to Temple University’s MSHI degree.  You will be accepted into the MSHI and you will have satisfied 4 of the 10 required courses the degree.    Based on your educational and professional background, you may also need to take up to three pre-requisite courses to provide an overview of the body of knowledge in health information.

How long will it take me to complete the MSHI after I have obtained an HI certificate?

Depending on scheduling of classes and whether you need to take pre-requisite course work, you could complete your degree in one year on a part-time basis.

How would I apply to the MSHI program?

The MSHI application process is described here.

You will need to provide your updated Temple transcripts and any other transcripts from courses taken since you submitted your admission paperwork for the certificate.  You will also need to submit an updated CV. 

How do I activate my Accessnet Account?

What is an accessnet account?

Each student is assigned an Accessnet username.  This provides you access to Temple’s learning management system (Blackboard), the main communication method for students and faculty, as well as Temple’s portal, TU Portal.
If you do not attend class in a semester your accessnet account which gives you privileges to register, access your academic history, access blackboard, etc. will be deactivated.

How do I activate my account?

To activate your Temple AccessNet account, follow these three steps.  Note:  You may need to wait 24 hours if you received an email regarding activating your account:
1. Go to the web site and click I am a new student, new employee or new authorized guest and would like to activate my AccessNet account.
2. Enter your last name, nine-digit TUid, and date of birth.
3. Make note of your AccessNet username as it displays on the screen. Then, follow the screen prompts to create your security questions and password.

Once you have your AccessNet username and password, you can log into the web site to access Temple's many online resources. If you have any questions concerning your AccessNet account, please call the Temple Computer Services Help Desk at 215-204-8000. If you need assistance registering for courses, please contact your academic advisor.


Each student at Temple has a unique numeric identifier which is used throughout your time as a student at the University.  Extension Services will email your TUID once your registration has been posted. 


Payment for Classes

  • Extension will collect tuition and fees at the beginning of first night of class  by Extension Services 
  • Tuition may be paid by personal check made payable to “Temple University”. 
  • VISA and other credit cards (MasterCard, American Express, or Discover)  can be used without incurring the “convenience fee”.  This applies ONLY to Extension Services courses.  All other Temple courses must adhere to the university’s billing policy. 
  • Once a registration is entered into the university’s system, a tuition bill is automatically generated.
  • Do NOT pay on Banner Student
  • Tuition and fees for the 2013-2014 academic years (all courses are 3 credit hours)


PA Resident


College of Public Health tuition rates    Graduate (per credit hour) 



  • University Services Fees:   assessed per semester for all students

9.0 + credit hours         


5.0-8.9 credit hours


1.0 to 4.9 credit hours


Drop/Withdrawal Policy

  • The last day to drop a course and receive a refund is Friday, March 31, 2014.
  •  To cancel both your registration and financial liability, you must call Cassandra Doyle at (215) 204-5018 before 3:00 p.m. on that date in order to drop a course.
  • If you drop after Friday, March 31, 2014, the course will remain on your transcript (there will be a “W”-withdraw- rather than a grade), and you will be responsible for paying for the course.  Simply failing to attend a class does not change the payment due or entitle you to a refund.  After this date, you are responsible for full payment of all tuition and fee charges.
  • You must notify Cassandra verbally and in written format of your intention to drop.  Failure to do so can result in an “F” on your permanent transcript!


Non-CHOP Students:

  • Park in any of the garages specified on the attached list of parking garages OR in CHOP’s  Wood Parking Garage, located across the street from the Colket Translational Research Building
    • You  will be charged for parking in any of these garages
  • Directions for Wood Parking Garage Located on the Main Campus of The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia:
    •  Proceed on the 34th street through the first two lights.
    •  At the third light, turn right onto Osler Circle at the Children’s Hospital Wood Center and Children’s Seashore House sign and proceed straight to the security booth. 
    • The security guard will direct you to park underneath the Hospital. 

Student Picture IDs  

CHOP Employee Students:

  • Do not need to stop at Main Front Desk of the Building 
  • Must have their CHOP ID’s to enter the Colket Research Building

Non-CHOP Students and Faculty:

  • Must have a government issued ID such as driver’s license or a Temple University ID to enter the Colket Research Building
  • Stop at the Main Front Desk of the Building
    • After 6:00 PM  a  front desk security officer will be needed to open the door
    • If the front desk security officer is not at the front desk and going on rounds through the building you can contact that person by using the ring down phone to the left of the main doors.
  • Under no circumstances will a student be allowed in the building without an ID.  A list of all students and faculty will be left at the front desk for security clearance. 

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