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The School of Social Work offers life-long learning through our Continuing Education Professional and Career Development program. No matter what your interests or career goals are, you'll gain the knowledge you need from CE courses taught by Temple's renowned social work professors and recognized leaders in the field. View our current continuing education course roster here.

The program is approved for Pennsylvania and New Jersey license renewal requirements for continuing education. 

The School of Social Work will continually add to courses covering all areas of social work practice. Special on-site trainings can be designed for agencies and programs requiring specific trainings to enhance staff expertise and performance, appropriate for social workers in the field, supervisors and management. To find out how we can help, contact Alan Pfeffer at apfeffer@temple.edu or (215) 204-6554 for more information.

2017-2018 CE Certificates and Courses

Course registration will be available in mid-August 2017. 


Each certificate requires five 5-hour courses (25 CE hours) plus Ethics (3 CE hours) and ACT 31 (3 CE hours) training, total 31 hours. Meets PA requirements for license renewal.

  • Military Counseling in Social Work Practice
  • Medical Social Work
  • Social Work Practice in the Prison System
  • Social Work Practice and Obesity
  • Social Work Practice and Nutrition
  • Social Work Practice and Music Therapy
    • Social Work Practice on a Multidisciplinary Team
  • Medical Ethics and Social Work Practice
  • Motivational Interviewing and Social Work Practice
  • Mindfulness and Social Work Practice
  • Trauma Informed Treatment in Social Work Practice
    • CBT and TF-CBT
  • Grant Writing in Social Work
  • Gerontology in Social Work
  • Gestalt Therapy in Social Work Practice
  • Kinesiology and Social Work Practice
  • Neurofeedback and Social Work Practice
  • Speech and Language and Social Work Practice
  • Therapeutic Recreation and Social Work Practice
  • Dialectic Behavioral Therapy and Social Work Practice
  • EMDR and Social Work Practice
  • Social Work Practice in the Age of HIV
  • Loss and Grief in Social Work Practice

* 105 total courses for all certificates; multiple sections of each course

Individual Courses**

  • Ethical Issues in Social Work Practice
  • Incorporating Cultural Competency into Ethical Decisions in Social Work Practice
  • Trauma and Neurobiology I: Neuroscience and Trauma’s Effects on the Brain
  • Trauma and Neurobiology II: Advanced Clinical Treatments Informed by Neuroscience
  • Clinical Work with Military and First Responders, Their Children and Families
  • Working with Couples
  • Working with Couples Who Have Experienced Trauma
  • The Current Opiate Abuse Epidemic: Root causes and Potential Interventions
  • Cultivating Awareness of Race, Gender and Sexual Orientation Microaggressions
  • I Committed a Microaggression. Now What? Developing Interculturally Sensitive Responses to Microaggressions
  • Assessment Validity of DSM-5 Criteria of Major Depressive Disorder
  • Culturally Competent Assessment and Treatment of Adolescents’ Self-harming and Suicidal Behaviors
  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Taking a Sexual History: Nuts and Bolts
  • Group Supervision
  • DSM Updates: Making the Move from IV to 5
  • New Issues for Older Americans: What Social Workers Need to Know
  • Oncology Social Work: Navigating Patients and Families Through Cancer
  • Continuing Issues In Supervision
  • Psychopharmacology for Mental Health Professionals I: The Basics and beyond
  • Psychopharmacology for Mental Health Professionals II: Theory and Biology
  • Technology and Ethics: Clinical Practice in the Age of Connection
  • Behavioral Health Integration in Primary Care: Core Principals of Behavioral Health Consultation in Primary Care
  • Child Abuse Recognition and reporting in Pennsylvania
  • Gender Dynamics in Social Work Practice: Multilevel Approaches for Addressing Gender Oppression and Microaggressions
  • Mindfulness I: An Introduction for Clients and Mental Health Professionals
  • Mindfulness II: Advanced Theory and Techniques
  • EMDR: Overview and Introduction to Theory and Practice
  • Ethics of Clinical Documentation
  • Program Evaluation I: Methods of Evaluation at the Program Level
  • Program Evaluation II: Qualitative Methods of Clinical Practice Evaluation
  • Racial-ethnic Dynamics in Social Work Practice: Multilevel Approaches for Addressing Racial, Ethnic and Religious Differences and Microaggressions
  • LSW/LCSW Prep

** Multiple sections for each course