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Undergraduate Major in Linguistics

Developing your passion into a rewarding career

Building on an innate passion for language and the spoken and written word, the Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics program prepares students for graduate study in linguistics, psycholinguistics, and the teaching of English as a second language. Students learn how to formally analyze the structure of language using the skills of syntactic, phonological, and pragmatic analysis.

Skills you'll develop:

  • Syntactic analysis
  • Phonological analysis
  • Pragmatic analysis

Complimentary studies:

  • Philosophy of language
  • Language disorders
  • Logic studies
  • Semantic analysis
  • Language within fieldwork context

The undergraduate program culminates in a one-semester fieldwork course during which students design individual projects concerning the structure or use of language.

For more information, please read the Academic Program Manual for a B.A. in Linguistics or Speech-Language-Hearing.