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CPH Academic Advising

The advising staff in the College of Public Health (CPH) is a unique group dynamic that works collectively with one another while servicing each individual major on a more personal and collaborative level within each department.  The main goals of the advising staff in CPH are to provide comprehensive goal setting in cooperation with each student to reach specific academic achievements.  It is a constant effort on behalf of all Office of Enrollment and Student Services (OESS) members to provide updated resources as well as policies and procedures for students to assure academic success.

Advisors are ready and available to assist all CPH students with registration and/or scheduling assistance.  As an incoming freshmen or new transfer student it is highly encouraged to stay in close contact with your academic advisor throughout the 1st and 2nd semesters here at Temple University.  

Our doors are always open to students.  We welcome any student, whether currently in CPH or those that may be considering a major within our College, to stop by and ask a question or simply explore the possibility in the multiple fields offered here at Temple University.

Freshmen & New Transfer Checklist

  • Stop In and Make an Appointment With Your Academic Advisor:  Inquire about your major, courses you should be considering and plan ahead.  Prepare for your meeting by reviewing your DARS and checking the Temple Undergraduate Bulletin so that you can have a productive meeting with your advisor.
  • Register for Class:  All students under good academic standing can register for classes through TUPortal .  Students that are on academic warning or probation must contact your advisor directly to schedule an appointment. 
  • Know Your Deadlines:  Students should be aware of all deadlines that pertain to their academic progress here at Temple University.  Dates consist of, but are not limited to last day to add, drop or withdraw from a course, apply for graduation and/or pay your bills.  All important University dates can be found on the Registrar’s website.
  • University Policies & Procedures:  All students are responsible for knowing the Policies and Procedures of Temple University.  Students are encouraged to review the Temple Undergraduate Bulletin and inquire with an academic advisor in regards to the protocol of being a student here at Temple University. 

CPH Current Students

  • Check Your Academic Status and Register for Classes:  Any student that has above a 2.0 is considered in good academic standing.  Students above this standard are eligible to register for classes on their own through TUPortal. Continuously checking your DARS will help make sure you are meeting all requirements for your major. Students that are on academic warning or probation must contact your advisor directly to schedule an appointment. 
  • Grad-Check Appointments:  Students are encouraged after their second semester to become independent facilitators of their educational goals.  However, this does not mean we don’t want to see you! Check in periodically with your academic advisor, or assigned faculty advisor, to make sure that you are keeping on track with your already acquired curriculum plan.
  • Apply for Graduation:  Students should be aware of the deadlines for each upcoming semester’s graduation application deadlines if it pertains to you directly.  Deadlines will be posted within each department detailing these dates.  Applications can be completed within TUPortal under Student Records.

Declaring a CPH Minor

Currently the College of Public Health is home to three minors: Communications, Science & Disorder Minor, Public Health Minor and Social Work Minor.  All students considering a minor in one of these three areas are strongly advised to first consult with their home advisor and the CPH section of the Temple Undergraduate Bulletin prior to declaring a minor to review all requirements.  Once a student has assured that the minor is achievable with their current major all students must fill out a Change of Program form and submit (with any supplemental contracts required by department) to the desired minor’s academic advisor for posting to your student record.

Declaring a non-CPH Minor

Current CPH students must first meet with their academic advisors to make sure that adding a minor to their current academic plan is realistic.  Please keep in mind that adding minors without consulting with an advisor first could result in the delay of graduation and/or effect sequencing and expected credit hours for a given semester.  Once students have met with their home advisor and are able to make an informed decision they are directed to the intended school for their specific requirements in declaring a minor.

Change of Major to CPH

Students interested in transferring to CPH must first attend a Change of Program session.  (These are currently scheduled for 6/11 at 10:00 a.m.; 6/19 at 10 a.m.; 7/15 at 11 a.m.; and 7/22 at 3:00 p.m.  All sessions will take place in Tuttleman Hall 300AB.)  Here, students will obtain an overview of all of the majors as well as the information necessary to make the transition.  Students must maintain a GPA of a 2.0 or higher in their previous semester as well as CUM GPA.  Students also must be aware that there will be a tuition increase for transferring to CPH (with the exception of intended Social Work majors). *Please note: Students interested in transferring into Nursing or Health Information Management (HIM) are not eligible for the Change of Program process.  Information about the application process and access to the application itself can be obtained by clicking on the major of your choice above.

*Please note: CPH follows Temple University's policy to not process Change of Major requests in the months of August and January

Change of Major out of CPH

Students interested in transferring out of CPH are encouraged to contact the intended College for their specific Change of Major process and requirements.

Permission to Take Courses Elsewhere

Currently the Permission to Take Courses Elsewhere policy is under revision.  Please check back in January for all updated processes and steps to be posted.

Non-Temple Transfer Students

All students that are currently not enrolled at Temple University but are interested in pursuing admission into one of the majors in the College of Public Health should contact Temple University’s Undergraduate Admissions .  All application materials and criteria can be found here.  Academic advisors are unable to evaluate coursework completed at a prior institution until Temple University has officially accepted and processed all transfer credits.

Course Equivalency

Upon acceptance all transfer credits that have been submitted in a student’s admissions application will be evaluated by Temple University.  Students can expect a detail of this evaluation prior to their scheduled date for Orientation.  Upon meeting with an advisor at Orientation, if there is any course that a transfer student believes may have an equivalency of a Temple University course that has not been accounted for as such students are welcome to submit the syllabus from the prior institution to the department of the Temple University course in which equivalency approval is being sought for re-evaluation.  If a course is approved the student can then bring the signed approval to their home advising office so that the student record can be updated accordingly.

CPH Student Seeking Re-Enrollment to CPH

Formally known as readmission, any student that has been out of school for one semester must complete and submit a Re-Enrollment form and submitted to the department in which you are seeking enrollment.


  • Apply to the School/College in which you intend to enroll (if you are seeking re-enrollment into a College other than CPH you must visit that College and work with them directly.)
  • Await a decision to be made indicating acceptance or denial – a letter will be sent directly to student either via email or USPS. Please note: Any student that noted “Financial” must be sure to clear all holds or they will be denied until their financial holds have been resolved.  Additionally, any student that has stated “Health Related” must submit a medical clearance form from a health professional along with the re-enrollment form on physician letter head and original signature with contact information clearing student to return to the University.
  • Once accepted, students must:
  • Schedule an appointment with Academic Advisor
  • Contact Computer Services at 215.204.8000 to reactivate your Temple account or visit their website .

Re-Enrollment Dates:

May 1st until August 1st for the fall semester

September 1st until Decmber 1st for the spring semester

January 1st until April 1st for summer sessions

Applications received during the months of August, December and April will not be processed nor held for any subsequent terms and must be resubmitted during the above timelines.

Leave of Absence

Any student that anticipates being out of school for one semester or more for either financial, medical/health, personal, military or employment purposes must submit the Leave of Absence Petition form to their advisor no later than the second week of the semester.

During this time, if accepted, students will be permitted to retain access to email, registration, and maintain the University requirements set forth at the time of the first semester at Temple University.

Also at this time, students become noted as “not enrolled” on all status requests, which could affect housing, insurance, etc. and are financial aid ineligible.


Any student considering withdrawing from either the University or a semester is encouraged to meet with an advisor prior to doing so to discuss the impact of withdrawing on your curriculum and meeting your academic goals.