Asian Community Cancer Health Disparities Center


(PI: Grace X. Ma, PhD)

National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health (2010-2015)

The National Asian Community Cancer Health Disparities Center (ACCHDC) builds upon the successful collaborations that were fostered during the previous ATECAR SPN and ATECAR CNP-I cycles and consists of academic institutions, community organizations, and community healthcare providers. The ACCHDC focuses on the overall goal of reducing cancer health disparities through community outreach, research, and training by increasing knowledge of, access to and utilization of beneficial biomedical and behavioral procedures in underserved Asian American communities. This goal will be realized by using community-based participatory research (CBPR) principles to guide all Center activities in four components: the Administrative Core (AC), Community Outreach Program (COP), Research Program (RP) and Training Program (TP). The AC provides essential administrative, scientific, programmatic, and community leadership and timely coordination of Center operations. The COP focuses on building cancer control capacity and increasing knowledge and access to cancer prevention among the multi-ethnic and multilingual Asian communities in the eastern region of the US (PA, DE, NJ, NYC and DC/MD).  Under the RP, a large-scale controlled trial is being conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of a CBPR colorectal cancer (CRC) intervention in increasing screening, knowledge of, perceived risks of and susceptibility to CRC and benefits of screening, as well as reducing health system barriers to screening. The pilot study, led by a junior investigator, evaluates the effectiveness of a culturally appropriate education intervention in increasing knowledge of and intent to participate in Hepatitis B biospecimen research and examining cultural factors associated with the participation in biospecimen research. The TP implements a comprehensive research training program in CBPR methods and provides mentorship and key resources to junior researchers from racial/ethnic minority and underrepresented groups. Center team members have forged successful collaborations during ATECAR SPN and CNP-I, have established strong partnerships with Asian communities and are dedicated to the Center’s mission of reducing cancer health disparities in underserved Asian Americans.