Funded Research Projects (Partial List)

Projects in the United States

Asian Community Cancer Health Disparities Center (ACCHDC) (U54) (PI: GX.Ma), NIH

Clinical Trial Education for Health Care Providers Serving Asian American Communities (PI: GX.Ma), NCI/NIH
Biospecimen Research in Asian Communities  (PI: GX.Ma), NCI/NIH 
Community Transformation Grant – Healthy Philly Initiative  (PI: GX.Ma), CDC and Philadelphia Department of Public Health
Chinese Takeout – Less Salt and Healthy Eating (PI: GX.Ma),  Philadelphia Department of Public Health
ATECAR - Asian Community Cancer Network (U01) (PI: GX.Ma), NIH

A Culturally Appropriate Cervical Cancer Intervention for Underserved Vietnamese Women (RO1) (PI: GX.Ma), NIH

A Randomized Trial of HepB Screening and Vaccination in High Risk Vietnamese (RO1)  (PI: GX.Ma), NIH

CBPR HBV Intervention For Underserved Korean Americans (R24) (PI: GX.Ma), NIH

Evidence-Based Breast Cancer Intervention for Asian Women (PI: GX.Ma), Susan G. Komen

Patient Navigator Intervention for Improving Health-Related Quality of Life in HBV Infected Patients (PI: GX.Ma), NIH

Facilitating cervical cancer intervention among underserved Korean American women (R01)  (Co-PI: GX.Ma; PI: C.Fang), ACS

A Physician-Based Trial to Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening in Chinese (RO1) (Co-PI: GX.Ma; PI: W.Liang), NIH

A RCT to Promote Mammography Adherence Among Chinese Immigrant Women (R01) (Co-I: GX.Ma; PI: J.Wang), NIH

Asian Tobacco Education and Caner Awareness Research (ATECAR) (U01) (PI: GX.Ma), NIH

Smoke-free Asian Youth (SAY) (PI: GX.Ma), American Legacy Foundation

A Feasibility Study of Culturally Tailored Smoking Cessation for Chinese American Smokers in New York City (PI: GX.Ma, Project Leader: D.Wu), NIH                              

A Community Intervention Study to Increase Cervical Cancer Screening Among Chinese American Women (PI: GX.Ma, Project Leader: XJ. Wang), NIH      

International Projects

Smoking Cessation and Cancer Prevention in China (PI: GX.Ma), Center for Asian Health

Breast Cancer Early Detection Among Women in China (PI: GX.Ma), Center for Asian Health

Improving Quality of Life Among Cancer Survivors in China (PI: GX.Ma), Center for Asian Health