Health Education

CAH is a national Center located in the Mid-Atlantic region that is home to many Asian communities whose primary language is not English. The Center offers both a cultural and linguistic bridge for these communities to overcome barriers that impede the flow of and acquisition of important information such as health information. Although CAH’s mission in Asian community health is broad, the Center’s ultimate goal has been the reduction or elimination of health disparities, with special emphasis on cancer and cancer-related (co-morbidities) health disparities. CAH’s current Community Health Education Programs focus on breast cancer, cervical cancer, colorectal cancer, hep-B-liver cancer, and cancers associated with smoking.

Assessment of community needs has, however, given impetus to health education and prevention programs in hypertension and osteoporosis control. The primary aim of these programs, in addition to increase knowledge, is to improve community access to and utilization of state-of-the-art screening and intervention strategies for these diseases. To that end, CAH provides multi-level modalities, such as bilingual community health educator-led interactive education workshops, patient navigation, bilingual physician engagement and individual motivational interviewing/counseling. In collaboration with community and healthcare provider partners, CAH has conducted 700 community educational workshops, educated 17,000 Asian American participants, and provided cancer screening (breast c., cervical c., colorectal c., prostate c., and hepB) to 7,000 uninsured Asian Americans.